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Going Live in Glasgow

Well, as you may have noted from my last update, Northern Ireland did quite well against Denmark & secured a wee win. The boy Healy struck another amazing goal to give us the points & that actually meant we went into our final group game with a chance (a small one though) of qualification for the Euro finals in Austria & Switzerland in June 2008.
So having spent a wonderful weekend in Northern Ireland with family, catching up & getting some sumptious home cooking, I headed for Gran Canaria in November with Mikey and a few other mates from the NI football message board OWC. We were staying in Las Palmas along with my brother & Dad. Our hostel wasn’t tarra to write about, but it was relatively clean & had beds. Well two of them & Da volunteered for the floor… and wouldn’t hear of either son taking his place. Respect. So the Canary Islands in November… lowest temperature I saw was 22 degrees (and that was at 0020 on the day of arrival) and the highest, at noon on the Wednesday was 34 degrees. Lovely.
That said, the weather is probably the only redeeming feature of Las Palmas. It’s bit of a concrete jungle, with traffic which is unholy for a town of it’s size. It did have a couple of good beaches, but really, if you had money to burn this wouldn’t be the place you’d go for some summer or winter sun.
NI played Spain that evening, and although we lost 1-0 (to a deflected goal) the lads put up a good performance against a wonderful Spanish team. So no loss of face, and although we didn’t qualify, we had a wonderful campaign. Some amazing highs, some terrible lows, but new cities visited & onwards & upwards as they say. I also got to meet a few famous individuals (pics to follow) and the 4000 fans in the ground from NI did themselves proud!!
And so back to work, and it’s more of the same with long hours & stress. But believe it or belive it not, this morning I got confirmation that all IT systems are now in place & we’re going live tomorrow in Mumbai. Job done. So just need to see how things transpire tomorrow with regards to any workarounds which will enivitably arrive, but we seem to be in the clear, in the main.
And finally, I headed up to Glasgow on Friday night for a wee bit of football. RyanAir had a sale on the other month so I got return flights to Glasgow for under £6. Fantastic. I watched Rangers beat Kilmarnock yesterday & then got my flight back south. A bit of a quick journey, but saw what I wanted to of Glasgow (having been a fair few times) and saw the game & got home.
All good… and we’re in December!! Rock on!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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