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It’s been a tough old place in work last few weeks… I’ve been spending two days a week up in Birmingham, which isn’t always a bad thing… though the travel time is not great. That said, I’ve had some fantastic rooms up there!! Jurys put me in a room last week which you could have put about 18 people in!! Was nothing short of amazing. Anyways, I’m back up to Brum again this evening. I’ve been running requiremnet workshops for one of the projects I’m managing… all being well it’ll get me through this week & I’ll be back to a semblance of normality by the end of the week.
And then we’re into holiday season!! I’ve got Friday off to travel to Hamburg. I seriously need to investigate what that place is all about… I’ve never been, and there is no football to get into whilst I’m there… d’oh!! So hopefully it’s a decent city & I’ll get a wee walk about it. Then, I’ve got a 4 day week next week too as I’ve got the Friday off for no apparent reason… whoo!! And the week after that?! Well, that’s a 3 day week… and a four day week the one after that… result.
Anyways, this last weekend has been a bit up & down… JIL failed the MOT and is looking like she’s going to cost me a couple of hundred to pass… cheeky girl. But she’s worth it… I hope!! Then we had the Irish Cup Quarter Final involving Cliftonville & Portadown… We were 0-1 up, then had a man sent off, then went 0-2 up… before being pegged back to 2-2… then the referee gives a penality (which was dubious to say the least) before we end up 4-2 down… and we sneaked a consolation goal just towards the end… so out on our ears at 4-3. Disappointing… The Refree, Courtney, is currently under investigation for dodgy decisions against Portadown FC, so his appointment was a bit of a shocker.
Anyways, it was Monther’s Sunday too so the auld brother was doing his bit by making breakfast & dinner for the Auld Doll… good lad Mark!! I had to make do with phoning home, getting her a wee card with a wee something in it… sure I get my chance in a couple of weekends when they’re in Chelmsford… *yikes*.
And there you go… best get my bags packed… chat soon.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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