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Well, March is nearly over & it’s the Easter Bank Holiday weekend!! Whoo!!
DWR & IV are on their way over to Chelmsford this afternoon & are with me until Monday afternoon… so I’ve done a brief clean & tidy of the room & am sitting… waiting… A bit like the rest of the month, which I’ll come to later, this weekends should fly in OK. I’ve got a few ideas of what to do with the parents, to keep them entertained – shopping, Southend & a Nuclear Bunker should do the trick I think. I’ll also have to take them for dinner & perhaps even cook dinner… zoinks!! Still, I’m hopeful that this year I’ll get an easter egg!!
As for the rest of March, it’s not been too bad at all. I’ve been up in Brum with work quite a bit, and also spent some time working from home in Chelmsford & also down in Andover. So office time has been limited. Work itself hasn’t been going so well, IT have decided to throw my entire project up in the air, again. Anyways, March has also been a short work month… I had 3 days to take off before the end of the month, so I decided to take off two Friday’s and a Thursday (well, that was yesterday). The result was three four day weeks and a three day week… hehe.
So long weekend #1 I headed off to Frankfurt… I had actually thought I was going to Hamburg, but hey, these things happen!! Frankfurt was pleasant, clean, Germanic, although far more cosmopolitan than I thought it might be. Still the food was good & the hotel was nice. I also took opportunity to go & see a Bundesliga match at the Commerzbank Arena, with Eintracht Frankfurt playing Bochim. The stadium was used in the recent World Cup held in Germany & was pretty much full with a crowd of 46K. Yet the remarkable thing about this football stadium is that it has "safe terraces", and it only cost 14 Euros to stand on said terracing!! Peanuts!! The atmosphere in the ground was fantastic, with smoke bombs, flags, co-ordinated chanting & so forth. Cracking entertainment for sure!!
Long weekend #2 involved my brother travelling over to England to watch the Arsenal, so I duly picked him up, fed him, got him somewhere to sleep & put him back on the plane. We didn’t actually see that much of each other, as he went up to London to see Arsenal and I went to Colchester to see… well, Colchester, who were playing Cardiff. I travelled up with the South Of England NISC, who had arranged a tour of Layer Road, perhaps the worst league ground in England. The tour didn’t take long, but it was actually nice to see the place prior to it getting knocked down in the summer (Colchester are moving to a new stadium for next season). Like the game in Frankfurt, another 1-1 was on offer & the atmoshpere was again, pretty good… if not the view.
This weekend was also Alex’s Birthday, so a bunch of us headed for a karting track outside Gillingham for the Friday evening. Now the track was 1.2KM long & allegedly the karts did in the region of 70KM/H. That actually had me a touch scared, but when you actually got out onto the karts, they didn’t seem that quick… not much quicker than other karts I’ve been on, but then perhaps perspective was different then as the track was shorter?? Still, was good fun, although I managed to start on the back of the grid for most races… and work my way through, unless, someone put me into the wall, which happened twice… grr.
And so this weekend… so as I said, I’ve got the rents arriving, but yesterday, I took the day off… and I did something a bit out of the blue… I bought a guitar. When I first moved to England, I said there were somethings I wanted to do… Get a Bike Licence, Learn to Ice Skate, Learn a new Language,Learn to play Golf, Learn to play the Guitar… well, this is number 3 I guess. I bought a Freshman Folk Gitar, and spent a bit of yesterday afternoon learning the strings & some chords… exciting stuff. It’s really a long term investment, I don’t expect to be playing anything in the next three months, but hopefully by year end, I’ll have a tune or two behind me.
Anyways, I’ve caught up I think on March… I best be running along, but I’ll update soon.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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