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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Well, arriving in Ljubljana at the city train station, is somewhat under-whelming. Everyone who has been prior to me was telling me how beautiful it was… you won’t see it at the train station!!   A quick 10 minute dander and I was at my hostel, which was pretty good it has to be said. Decently … Continue reading

Maribor, Slovenia

And so having crossed the border into Croatia, a quick lunch stop, I was back on the train to Slovenia from Zagreb. Another border crossing and I was suddenly travelling along perhaps one of the most beautiful train journeys that Europe has to offer. Following along the Ljubljanica river the train line passes around some … Continue reading

Lake Balaton, Hungary

Well, as I said on my previous entry, I was attempting to play for Norn Iron on Pro Evo Football… I lost. No shame, as afterall, we’re only a wee country & competing with the likes of Brazil & Croatia isn’t easy…   I’ve finally got around to putting up all the photographs from my … Continue reading

Southern, Central, Eastern Europe

If you don’t already know, I’m currently residing in the former Eastern Block. I travelled to Hungary on Saturday past & have spent some time there, Slovenia & I’m now finishing my vacation in Croatia. I’ll update later with more detail, but I’ve got to represent Norn Iron in a PS3 PES world championship…   … Continue reading

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