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First Day in the Office

Well, I’ve my first day in the office down. It’s just gone 2105 IST and I’m shattered…   The alarm clock went off this morning at 0750 IST and my body’s reaction (to what was in essence a 0320 GMT alarm call) was exactly what I’d have expected if I was in the UK – … Continue reading

Hello Mumbai!!

Well, as I alluded to yesterday, I have taken up a job in Mumbai, India. Indeed, I’m doing this update from the Sub-Continent with Monsoon rains going on outside. I guess I should go through the story of how I got the job in the first place…   … a couple of months ago, I … Continue reading


Right… I know I’ve been slack at getting the holiday comments up to date. Sorry… but it’s been a funny six weeks. So first to the holiday.   Having left Ljub, I got the train back to Zagreb for a couple of days. I ended up staying in a hostel a bit out of town, … Continue reading

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