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Settling In

I’ve been in the flat now two nights and I’m starting to get settled. If you fancy a wee view of the flat, scroll down to the bottom of the On-Tour homepage & you’ll see a linked YouTube video of the pad.   There are still several important pieces to complete… the Kitchen needs more … Continue reading

Deja Vu – Banana Styleeee

I had a serious bout of Deja Vu today in the office.   I was standing looking out the window towards Malad West, with three UK Subject Matter Experts (SME’s as we know them)… having a chat about the process they’re implementing next week… progress so far appears good… and I noticed that one of … Continue reading


As I may have touched upon in one of my previous entries, I manged to secure an agreement with work that any committments I had previously booked would be secured despite my move to Mumbai. So with that all sorted, I was booked (eventually) onto return flights, from Mumbai to London with Virgin Atlantic – … Continue reading

Luxury & Time

Sat in my 5* hotel again… having just had an Indian down in the lobby. Pretty decent it was too, but in a country of poverty, way too much for one person. Anyways, the past couple of days haven’t been too eventful to be honest.   That said, I did get to see my apartment … Continue reading

Back to Bollywood

Today I’ve travelled back to Mumbai. The flight, with Jet Airways, was a little bumpy… in fact it was quite bumpy, with one of those landings where you seem to slide from left to right, but I’ve made it to my hotel in once piece. I’m in the Leela Hotel this time – a sister … Continue reading


Having survived a few nights in luxury at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, I was due for a few days in Bangalore, South East from Mumbai. The morning of the flight, I got two text messages, which I think will be fairly typical during my time here. Firstly, my flight had been cancelled & I … Continue reading

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