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Deja Vu – Banana Styleeee

I had a serious bout of Deja Vu today in the office.
I was standing looking out the window towards Malad West, with three UK Subject Matter Experts (SME’s as we know them)… having a chat about the process they’re implementing next week… progress so far appears good… and I noticed that one of them had three mini bananas on the desk… as soon as I spotted them, I thought, this feels familiar. I said "I see you’ve got your mini ‘nanas" to which the lady responded "yes & I deliberately got them green." At this point I was sure I was in Deja Vu to the point that I knew what my next question would be & exactly what her answer would be… "Why’s that then?" I said waiting for the inevitable. "Well, it keeps them fresh for longer."
Word for word. Woah.
Three other significant things have happened in the last two days. Firstly, I got in to my office yesterday for the first time, so I’ve been busy trying to organise that… seemingly throwing out everything I’d inherited (including an half filled kettle?!) & replacing some technology (keyboard, monitor, fax machine). I’m heading in on Saturday to get the desk & cabinet moved into a less confrontational arrangement and hopefully by Monday, it’ll be all mine!!
Secondly, I went shopping today with Raj to get the smaller incidentals for my new appartment. Raj has actually furnished pretty much the whole thing in my absence… which had Paula giggling as she thought it’d be naff… but I really like what he’s done so far. The 32" widescreen, flatscreen TV affixed to my lounge wall is ace & shows the cricket in perfect, crystal detail (well it aught to I guess given it’s LCD). The office room has the greatest scope for my touch, but I’m forumating my ideas already… the word ‘den’ is firmly imprinted.
Finally, I found out yesterday that Paul Ballard, a guy I joined the bank with in 2004 passed away on Monday from complications with an operation on a bowel cancer tumour he had. Aged 28. I knew the guy, although haven’t spoken to him in several months… I didn’t know he was unwell, and his passing has come as a bit of a stunning shock. Cancer really doesn’t respect age, nor individual. It’s moments like this you take stock & think of the importance of knowing you’ve done the important things in this life and secured the passage to the next one.
Thoughts & prayers with Paul’s family at this time.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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