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UK Tour – England (Tick), Scotland (Tick), Wales (Tick), NI (Tick)

Well, I’ve been back in Europe for two weeks and so far, I’ve visted all of the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. I started, of course, in the Capital London and met up with some old work colleagues & friends. I got to stay in Club Quarters hotel beside St Paul’s Cathedral… perhaps the … Continue reading

Calcutta / Kolkata

Another busy week ‘offshore’ for me as I finally got the chance to travel up to Kolkata to view the operation there which I’ll also be managing. Around 280 staff up there at present, which means in total I’m responsible for about 420 – appears I’d got my numbers wrong on a previous count… – … Continue reading

One Month Down…

Well, with the advent of August, I guess that’s one month gone in India. Not technically true I guess, as I spent a week in the UK, but I’ve been out of London a Month… frightening how quickly it all goes.   So to review… I’ve seen Mumbai and Bangalore… gained an Office (and a … Continue reading

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