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One Month Down…

Well, with the advent of August, I guess that’s one month gone in India. Not technically true I guess, as I spent a week in the UK, but I’ve been out of London a Month… frightening how quickly it all goes.
So to review… I’ve seen Mumbai and Bangalore… gained an Office (and a fax machine, which I’ve still not quite got working), slept in 3 hotels & 2 flats (and a plane) and eaten Indian, Chinese, Afghanistani, Italian and Burgers food… witnessed 85% humidity, 5 consecutive days of rain, 3 consecutive days of clear blue skies and 30 degrees heat… and gained a flat all of my own… oh & went back to NI for me Da’s brithday & the parades.
Not bad me thinks.
Work is going well… although I’ve got a project entering a new process into the floor which is being managed as bout as well as a badly managed thing by a dead manager… I had a cracking incident during the week with one particular Scottish woman from Sterling who’s over to help implement the project. On Tuesday morning I offered her some feedback on the project communications… and she offered to send me through the documentation. On Wednesday I sent an email to request the documentation she’d promised. On Thursday, with no response I sent a second email… this time I got a reaction. An email saying that I should get the docs from someone else and if that was a problem I should speak to her boss… so I did. He agreed I should request the docs from her & if I’ve not got them in a week to go back to him. When I emailed her to request the docs as per her bosses instruction, I got another reaction. I was working in my office when she stormed in and asked "have you got a problem with me?". I said "no". She then sat down & said, "OK, so what is your problem with me?"… to which I replied, "I just said I don’thave a problem with you." She then started spouting about how she wouldn’t be providing me the information she had promised me and stormed out of the office saying she would be asking to be removed from the project… Two days later she’s still there… hehe. Anyways, apparently she’s been telling people that I’m rude!! This from a lady who has managed to peeve every manager on the floor & who one of my Team Leaders has said if she doesn’t improve her attitude she’ll refuse to work with her!!
Some craic this Operations Liaison Manager malarkey!!
In other exciting news, I’ve now got a driver dedicated to me… his name is Bharat (no Borat references please) and he’s pretty keen to impress… and though he speaks reasonably good English, he seems to be failing to understand me except on the absolute basics. So far we’ve managed to take him between the Office, the Apartment, the Mall and the Grocery Store. Could be some leap to get him to take me down south or to the Airport… but we’ll give him a chance this week.
I say that as I’m off to Kolkata this week to review our Operation out there… it’s looking like I’m going to be responsible for the Operations Liaison Manager for that site also. By my rough sums, that means I’ll be over around 600 staff… Don’t quote me on that, I’ll have to check, but in that ball park. Not bad for a country boy from Lurganclabby, eh??
I also got an opportunity to watch the Dark Knight movie this week… for the unaware, this is the new Batman movie. The pictures in India is an experience… first up, the Indian National Anthem!! Once that’s out of the way, the movie gets in to flow… but the people act like they’re watching TV on their sofas!! Speaking, giggling, answer your mobile phone (I kid ye not)!! And then, to cap it all off, an intermission!! I hate intermissions!! Anyways, the movie was pretty good & Ledger was the outstanding character in his role as the Joker. I would consider buying this one on DVD to be honest.
I also managed to get the clocks on the wall in my study… I’ll take a pic & upload so you can see…

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “One Month Down…

  1. Oh dear goodness.  I would have a canary if people started behaving like that in the cinema.  In Belfast we tend to go on tuesdays…  all seats and all shows = £3.  The cheap price can bring in a certain calibre of people… And sometimes I can be giddy etc in the cinema up until it starts… when the film starts I\’m good as gold. If people start talking and being annoying I will throw dirty looks, says \’shhh\’, possibly tell people to shut up and I have also, on one particular occasion years ago, went out to complain to management.
    I can just picture you sitting at your desk all calm and telling that woman that you don\’t have a problem with her… she sounds obnoxious.

    Posted by Catherine | August 3, 2008, 21:05

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