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I win

After quite some effort, and three previous attempts, I’ve finally got house keeping to launder my favourite jeans (yes Mum, the green pair you hate). Actually, I’ve had some issues with house keeping, as I talked about previously… so instead of getting in a new company to do the work, I’ve now got the guys … Continue reading

Back to India

Well, I’m now back to India following my 28 day tour of the UK + Slovakia. It was a good trip, but I have to be honest, towards the end I was getting travel weary. So, back on the plane I went to good old Bombay. The final few days in NI, were of course … Continue reading

It’s good to vent!

It’s Wednesday… a full four days after Saturday… Which was a beautiful day in Bratislava in Slovakia. It was also, however, a horrible day for NI football. We lost to Slovakia, a really poor team from Central Europe.   Since then, through various mediums – mostly ranting – I’ve managed to release the vast majority … Continue reading

Sunny Slovakia

Well, I’m just putting the last few hours in before a bit or a mare of a journey to Slovakia. I have to get to Victoria Coach Station for 0230 in the morning to catch the bus to Stansted airport, which should get me in about 0350, for my 0625 flight to Bratislava… where I … Continue reading

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