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It’s good to vent!

It’s Wednesday… a full four days after Saturday… Which was a beautiful day in Bratislava in Slovakia. It was also, however, a horrible day for NI football. We lost to Slovakia, a really poor team from Central Europe.
Since then, through various mediums – mostly ranting – I’ve managed to release the vast majority of my frustration to friends, colleagues, and in fact my family. And now… I feel alright. It’s obviously good to vent. All those years of bottling things up, and all I had to do was spend four days letting off steam and it would all have felt so much better. I mightn’t have had many friends mind, but sure, who needs them?! Actually that’s not true, friends are great.
Anyways, I’ll upload some Bratislava photos later, as currently my Digicam’s battery is out and there is no recharge option currently. But the early September weather there was first rate. 33 degrees plus during the day, with not much humidity. Clear blues skies for practically the entire three days I was there. Then on the last night, a short lived, though spectactular thunder & lightning show, as only Central Europe does, and a heavy shower with strong winds… it was almost beautiful.
Speaking of beautiful, the locals were first rate… pleasant, helpful, and not unattractive. Not a milly in sight.
I have however, been struggling with a sore foot so my ability to walk around Brat was somewhat limited, so spending the entire Sunday, sat in the shade of a tree watching the world go by was a second choice which wasn’t without it’s beauty.
I’m now back in Norn Iron, where it’s about 18 degrees colder, much damper, and frankly very autumnal already… I’m guessing UK summer time is now done. Ah well. Tonight, NI play the Czech Republic in a World Cup Qualifier… no, I don’t hold much hope either… ah well… back to the good old bad days, where the banter was great, but the games were pants.
Yesterday, I got to head over the Shamrock Park & take loads of pictures of the new stand and the setting.. also managed to steal into the home & away changing rooms to take a nosey about. Might even post up a few of those pictures… I also got my first Portadown FC shirt for wearing (the only two I’ve previously owned are for a frame on the wall…) so, beezer. I also headed to catch up with an old friend from the good old days in the Clogher Valley… bless her, Sharon Moore. Super Star!!
Anyways, I’m waffling now, there’s three hours to the game, the brother will be back first, then Da & Rod will arrive… our pre match tea, then off to Windsor for the game… this excitement is something special… I’ve not seen many things in the world to get close to it.
Come on Northern Ireland!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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