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I win

After quite some effort, and three previous attempts, I’ve finally got house keeping to launder my favourite jeans (yes Mum, the green pair you hate). Actually, I’ve had some issues with house keeping, as I talked about previously… so instead of getting in a new company to do the work, I’ve now got the guys in on a Saturday morning when I can surpervise them myself. 

We had to work on a few little tings… like putting washing powder into the washing machine, ironing my shirts inside out, and using warm water for mopping… but now I’ve got them on the right track, I’ll give them a few more Saturdays and if they can show they’re up to the task, they may well get the key to the door back. We’ll see. Anyways, back to my jeans. Three times I tried to get them washed before… and three times they were ignored… and today, when I said I wanted them washed, Shobra looked astonished. Now my jeans aren’t exactly what you’d describe as off the shelf… they’ve been through a puddle or two, and have been properly worn in (to the point where there are a few holes here & there). Mum hates them… I like them. 

Anyways, as I speak they’re in the machine and yes, I have finally won.

Other things this week… well, I finally got the carpenter in to do an initial briefing on a TV stand I’m looking for in the study… my new TV is currently residing on the floor… but all being well, in just over a week, it’ll be perched on a new stand. The price was actually a bit higher than I imagined it would ever be… but seeing as I may not be footing the final bill for the item… I was err… less than overly concerned.

I’ve got a new driver… Hanif… he speaks very little English, but he generally gets me where I want to go. Truth is, I can’t ask him to do anything other than drive due to his bad English, so I may have to request another driver… I’ll give him another week or so (until I go back to the UK in mid October) and if I’m growing to trust him, perhaps I’ll keep him. 

I’ve done quite well on the free meal front this week… on Wednesday the boss was in town so we all went out for dinner to a restaurant in the Leela Hotel, which was a bit arty farty with the presentation, but excellent on the quality. And last night, a new restaurant was opening in the Renaissance Hotel, and one of the girls got an invite to a special VIP opening (the restaurant doesn’t actually open for another month). So we had three courses on the house, to test it out… not bad for free… hehe. 

So all in all, a better week. 

Also, the sun has started shining… it looks (he says quietly) that the Monsoon is over and that the summer is about to start in Mumbai. The Humidity has dropped to around the 70% mark today and the temperature is still around high 20s. I’m contemplating heading down to do some of the more touristy things tomorrow, as I’ve not actually done that yet… so will be donning the shorts & t-shirt. Get in!! 

So there you go… a brief update. 

I’ve added some photos of Kolkata and Mumbai, and a wee video of some of the traffic in town here… it doesn’t quite give you the full flavour, but it’s a good indicator of what it’s like to be on the road in northern Mumbai. 


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