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Heads Must Roll!!

Well, I’ve not updated this in the past couple of weeks, as due to unparalleled incompetence, and abject inability to perform one’s duty, the Office managed to forget to pay my Internet bill for the quarter… so from the 1st October to today, I had been cut off. This experience has, in short, shown me that I’m completely & utterly unreasonable when it comes to my internet connection. I’m pretty sure I could have coped better without the water bill being paid. I reckon I sent three iritable emails to the individual responsible, cc’ing in as much management as I could. It’ll be interesting to see the consequence. Add to that, that the individual responsible also failed to pay my Indian Mobile Phone bill in August – for SIX weeks – and apparently, according to TATA Indicom (the phone company for my house phone) they haven’t paid that bill either… Oh dear.

Anyways, in the absence to the Internet, I managed to miss out on real news from the UK, that Jimmy & Nico Stevenson are expecting their first child… which came as a really pleasant surprise. I didn’t think they’d be looking for kids for a while yet, but I guess after you’ve got married, own a mortgage, got a pension & life insurance, there’s not much left to do with life?? hehe. Might as well breed (only kidding Nico). 

I’ve also been having all sorts of escapades in the flat… I think I mentioned that I’d kicked the house keeping out of the apartment unless supervised by me. Well, such drastic action prompted me to use the dishwasher during the week. I discovered that the dishwasher works… the plumbing however left something to be desired, and I collected a bucket of water from off my kitchen floor. D’oh!! I’d also been trying for weeks to get my bathroom shelves finished and today, finally, it happened… I’ve got three matching shelves in my bathroom (and two matching shelves in the other two) at long last!! Not to mention the power points added to the kitchen & the bedroom… although no joy in the living room for some reason… nor on the fans… but I guess there’s time yet.

I’m also getting a bespoke piece of furniture made for the den room… it’s a TV stand for my new 26" Samsung TV. However, the carpenter – who assured me would be finished on Saturday – has failed miserably to have it finished & installed on Tuesday… he reckons it’ll be ready before I leave tomorrow at 1030IST for the Int’l Airport. I have my doubts. 

So, yes, I’m back in Europe & the UK for 10 days from tomorrow. I’m flying in to the UK directly tomorrow and on Thursday off to Slovenia for the football match on Saturday (Slovenia v NI, if you’ve not guessed already). Then working a couple of days in England before travelling back to NI for the game against San Marino in Belfast. This is my last confirmed trip back to the UK, but I’m sure that more will follow. After that, a few more days working in England before back to India. 

So it’s been busy here. I was over in Kolkata last week for a few days – but came back early to look after the soddin’ carpenter… so I didn’t get to see the touristy bits over there yet… hopefully next time, towards the end of the month. On the tourist front, I’m close to securing tickets for the India v Australia test match in Nagpur in early November. Should be interesting to do a day at the test India style (I’m guessing the Daily Telegraph won’t be an option)… and hopefully do some of the tourist things in that region of India. I’ll be trying to avoid the angry crowds running about India at the moment burning Christian churches (and Christians actually)… and the Islamic extremists bombing large gatherings of people… and the stampedes into temples. All in all, staying alive out here seems more problematic than I thought it might be!! 

Anyways, now that I’ve updated a wee bit & I still have my internet connection to play with, I’m off to see what else I’ve missed in the real world!! 


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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