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OK, so I’ve not updated this in a few weeks, so sorry for that… I’m sure there are good reasons… I just can’t think of them. Anyways… quick summation of my past few weeks:

Arrived back from the UK. Worked in Mumbai. Worked in Kolkata. Worked in Bangalore. Worked in Mumbai. Took holiday in Nagpur. Worked in Mumbai. Worked in Kolkata. 

So, I’ve been travelling about India quite a bit, racking up the Jet Airmiles Priviledge points (so much so, that they’ve finally send me a plastic membership number!!). I’m quite obviously moving up in the world… and if i’m not mistaken, I may even be due my first free flight out of the charlatans. Whoo!! I’ve also managed to accumulate enough Hyatt points to have a free stay for one night in a Hyatt of my choice, anywhere around the world… oh the choices… 

This past couple of weeks in work has been bit of a challenge actually. I’ve had a project dumped on me from a great height by someone, who can only be described as useless, in the UK. Now, he’s told me that he’s been doing "project management for 14 years, and in offshoring for the last 5". Well frankly, I know kittens who could do project management better… and I dislike cats. Wicked creatures. So, most of my past two weeks has been spent trying to sort that one out. Chancer. 

On top of that, I’ve got an Offshore Business Review commencing in Kolkata on Tuesday… so I’m back there this week… so just some more fun in the mad house. But sure, if it wasn’t busy, I’d spend my days bored, by the pool… reading books… relaxing… phew, lucky escape, eh??

So, as I said, I did go to Nagpur for some holiday. Up front, I went for cricket. Test Cricket (that’s the version of the game that lasts for Five days Cat). It was the fourth test between India & Australia. India were leading the series 1-0, and Australia had to win the test to save the series, and the throphy (incumbrent maintains the trophy if the series ends as a draw). So the scene was set for a cracker… and it didn’t disappoint. The game ebbed & flowed throughout & Australia, despite attempting to throw the whole thing away, were still in with a shout on the last day – at least until lunch. 

I’d intended to only spend two days at the cricket… but as it was going quite well, I ended up spending four days there… and it was great fun. I met up with an Aussie lad called Mark, who was also travelling alone. We spent the next four days watching the game. The banter was great… particularly the picking on fielders & none more so that poor old Sourav Ganguly – who was playing his final ever test match. Rumours that he called security were greatly exaggerated IMHO… well, no one ever came near us!! We got three pieces of recognition from the great man… first time he waved… second time he clapped us… third time, he made a less than polite gesture… so we gave it all the more. Legend. Unlike Michael Hussey, who ignored us completely… git.

The game was played in a brand new 50K stadium… and the crowd never beat 5K. That’s what happens when you build a stadium 18KM from the nearest house, only sell tickets for 5 days at a time, and price them well above what an Indian living in Nagpur can reasonably afford on a luxury item. D’Oh!! The stadium itself wasn’t too bad. Someone should sell them the intellectual property rights on cantilever (sp??) roofing as there were dozens of pillars towards the back of each deck. Oh & they were giving away free water outside the stadium, but you weren’t allowed to take it inside & consume… now if it’d been about 4 degrees and raining, I could have understood… but seeing as it was crystal blue skies at about 34 degrees, someone was clearly on a power stint. Muppet. 

That said, we blagged ourselves into the VIP section, most days, and enjoyed Free Thali… take that BCCI (haha). The people strike back!! 

Outside of the game itself, I had dinner in the players hotel on three of the four nights. I met quite a few of the Aussie players… and yes, most of them are typical aussies… Jason Krejzer, who took about 12 wickets for about 360 runs (i.e. got hit all over the park) was giggling like a kid as he was farting in the restaurant… nice. At the end of the final day, Mark & I headed to the team hotel, to wait out time before flights… we ended up chatting to the Neo Cricket team, and Archana Vijay (see pic)… it wasn’t a chore, she was the chattiest ex-model I’ve ever met, and she knew her cricket. Good girl. 

Speaking of start spotting, as I was sat at the poolside in Kolkata yesterday, a six foot blonde lady walked past me… wearing nike gear, my first thoughts were "that looks like Anna Kournakova"… as it transpired it wasn’t… so panic over. Pity though… I’m sure we could have talked all about the upcoming England tour of India, and the merits of the reverse sweep against the forward defensive paddle. 

Anyways… I’ve probably said enough… I suppose I should motivate myself to sort out the flat, which needs bit of a clean… although I may prioritise sitting around doing nothing… I’ve started reading the "Three Musketeers" and it’s quite good… I think it might win.

Toodle pip.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.



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