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Season of Good Will

Again, I should apologise for not keeping this up to date. No real excuse to be honest… I just got lazy.
Anyways, I guess I better get this up to speed since my last post…
Firstly I’ll stick with work. It’s been going pretty well actually. I’ve been to Bangalore and Kolkata a couple of times, working up the airmiles and the hotel points (I’m now a platinum member at the Hyatt!!) and trying to keep the organisation on the go. I’ve even been delivering training to some IBM staff in Bangalore and have to repeat the feat next week in Kolkata. Maybe I should have been a teacher after all, eh Nico?? hehe.
My employer is currently in the final throws of purchasing a competitor and I’m pretty hopeful & confident that it’ll all go to plan. That should secure my role for a couple more years at least, and see me through the ‘crunch’ safely. Which would be nice… and hopefully put me in house purchasing position… although there’s a bit of time to go before we get that far ahead of ourself.
So work is good… I even attended my first Indian Wedding Reception this week, one of the guys in the office got married and invited us all along… fair enough, even though I’ve only met him once before… but if he’s going to give me free food, who am I to complain?! Was some affair, with it’s very own purpose built fountain… I reckon I could just about squeeze one of those into the flat… though may need to review my water damage claims section of my house insurance.
Outside of work, things have been pretty calm for me. I’m sure by now, you’ve heard, read and seen the events which have happened in Mumbai over the past few weeks, so I’ll not go into the detail beyond saying that it was incredible to watch the scenes unfolding on the TV. We were put under curfew, though to be honest, with all the events happening at least a couple of hours away (10 miles or so) I was probably as removed from it as my folks in the UK watching it on TV. The TV itself was gripping… some of the journalism was incredible, brave and stupid at the same time. But thankfully, it’s all over now and life will do what it always does after these events, and that is go back to normal.
And so I’m off to the tailor this afternoon to get some shirts stiched up…
I’ll try to update his more often, so catch you laters.
P.S. Portadown beat Linfield 2-0 in the 1/4 Final of the CIS Cup first leg this week… geddin.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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