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Well, I’m now back in India, having had my jaunt to Europe in February. I guess, filling in the gaps between Oporto & Today…
Firstly, I stayed with Alex & Charlotte, at their new home in Reading… after months, and months of talking about moving, they’ve finally got a tenant for their flat in Tonbridge, and have found a victorian house in the outskirts of Reading. It’s still a work in progress, with boxes & bits & bobs waiting to find their resting place in the house, but it’s already looking well… and sure, a home is only as good as the welcome you receive in it, and of course the Corrish welcome is always warm.
After working a few days in Bristol, Newport & Golucester, I flew north to Edinburgh to meet up with some also quite old friends. Kiran, Lorna & Angela (well, Angela also works in India on a rotation basis, so it hadn’t actually been that long since I bumped into her). I stayed in the Apex International Hotel in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh, after a recommendation. Absolutely superb… I had a room with a view of Edinburgh Castle, and the breakfast area was a top floor panorama view of Edinburgh. Well worth it. The other material highlight of Edinburgh was the hire car I was given by Enterprise (after all other car rental companies failed me on arrival at Edinburgh Airport). I was given a Vauxhall Insigna, petrol, six speed. It wasn’t acutally the nippiest car in the world, and it had more buttons that I knew what to do with, and it actually took me 10 minutes to work out how to open the fuel cap… but it looked superb, and diving wise was lovely.
Anyways, the real reason for my journey to Scotland, was the wedding of Stefan Egan to Manasvini Prabhat in Mar Lodge Estate just outside Glasgow. A stately home, with a view over the Clyde as it winds it’s way towards the famous dockyards which Billy Connelly talks alot about. The place itself was lovely, the room was massive, and the food tasty (if typically 5* over priced). Anyways, the wedding passed beautfully (with Manasvini keeping us all waiting to get the thing started… typical Indian timekeeping!!) and the photographer was in her element, moving everyone & sundry around the place. It also looked like they’d managed to get Kenny Rogers to play the piano… alas, it was just a very close looking double. Unfortunately, my camera battery died in Oporto, so I’ve no photographs of the event, but rest assured, I’ll be trying to steal some on the interent over the next few weeks.
The reception was capped off with a firework display… which I watched with Joe Egan (formerly of the band Stealers Wheel) and his brother, who also moonlights as a musician under the name of Domiq (he’s a part time scupltor as well by the way). Great company for the evening.
Anyways, it was back to India after that, and the first week has been hard work… the jet lag has been playing with my sleep and I’ve been shattered most mornings. I did go to Bangalore on Friday (returning today) for a bit of work & also to see the dentist… who reckons I’ve got a beautiful set of teeth!! £14 or so, for a review, couple of ex-rays and a cleaning!! Bargain!!
And finally, a quick word for Portadown Football Club, who yesterday, picked up the CIS Irish League Cup, defeating Newry City FC in the final by a score of One to Nil. Go on the wee Ports!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Weddings!

  1. Indian timekeeping! 😦 I was up and ready since 7 am, it just genuinely took the hairdresser that long to make my hair behave. Honest! xxM

    Posted by Manasvini | June 4, 2009, 00:11

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