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I’m back in Northern Ireland at the moment, writing in my parents study room as the sun heads for the western horizon. I’ve been home for a few days as my brother’s time as a single man are drawing to a close. His stag do is done, and now, all that remains are the practice run and the real thing… Wedding day on the 15th May.
I flew Kingfisher Airways this time from Mumbai to London, and for whatever reason, I was the only one in Business… as the wee hostess said, I was "king of the castle". So I sat back, let the hostesses bring the food and the drinks whilst I sat with my feet up & watched a few movies. After a quick stop over in a Heathrow Airport, I was on the BMI cattle class to Belfast before heading down to Fermanagh to meet the family & get ready for Mark’s stag do.
So on the Friday evening, the hire bus was ready and the boys started drifting into the house for Mrs Hetherington’s finest (ably assisted by Mrs Williams (we like to all her Auntie Carol though)) before hitting the road. We headed to Newtownstewart in Co. Tyrone, for a band parade, and general carry on… personally, I was freezing… I had to borrow a beany hat to try & keep some heat in!! Eventually, the time arrived to tie Mark to a lampost… and get a few laughs at his expense!! The clever sod, however, had it sorted as he paid three locals (all under the age of nine) to cut him free!! No flies on the Mark boy!!
So friviolity over, we headed on to our digs for the night, just outside Greysteel in Co. Londonderry. We’d booked three wee cottages for the night, which were perched between the A2 road and Lough Foyle. The wee digs were great… although what I didn’t notice in my room was a Sky light… directly over my pillow… well I did notice it shortly after dawn… d’oh!
After my early, nature inspired alarm call, we were on the road to Limavady for breakfast in the Alexander Arms hotel, for a world class Ulster Fry. Having digested, we were off to Foylehov, an outdoor activities place near to Limavady. Now, the wee fella on the phone said we’d be there for about two & half hours… so five hours later, when we walked out the gates, we’d made sure we’d gotten good value for our money!!
The place is famous for hovercrafting… the farmers used one for their farm work, but quickly found out that people were willing to pay money for the experience. As it turned out, it was 15 minutes of windy banter, but good craic nonetheless. After that we had a wee spot of Archery, a bit of lazer clay pigeon shooting (I won one of those by the way) and a bit of dirt buggy chenannigans. All good fun… before back to Limavady for some dinner.
And the sun shone from start to finish!! Good work.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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