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Never Rains in Clabby

It’s finally the week of the wedding!! On Friday, my brother Mark strides down the aisle a broken man and not a pre-nup in sight!! Brave some might say… on Nicola’s part at least.
I’m again sitting in a sun drenched Clabby, as my parents go about their routine – Dad milling about in the gardens and Mum preparing dinner. It’s got a real calm familiarity about it to me… and it’s always lovely to be back in Clabby. This past week I’ve been working in England, and whilst it’s always lovely to catch up and see familiar old places, it’s impossible to beat home. They say it’s where the heart is… nonsense, it’s where your bed is, and my bed is definately in Clabby!! The free food and washing is handy too…
So as I mentioned, last week I was in England, working in Birmingham, Brighton, London & Chelmsford… interestingly the four English cities I lived in whilst working for LloydsTSB. The places haven’t really changed an awful lot, but they’re still progressing and changing, as places are wont to do. In each place I managed to catch up with people from work and it was of coruse lovely to hear the banter and catch up.
I also managed to renew my Indian visa for another 12 months… enabling me to spend the next year working in the sun and monsoons of Mumbai. It was actually a pretty seemless process if truth be told, although at one point, I was getting worried about timescales when the Visa office called me up & asked me about my work address. I was sure that meant a red tape hold up… but thankfully I was wrong.
This week is also promising to be busy with catch up sessions with family & friends, business in Belfast, and of course the wedding on Friday. My preparations are now almost complete. I’ve the video camera sourced (will be collecting tonight), the present wrapped (albeit in Christmas paper as there is no sensible paper in the house!!), the card ordered on moonpig.com (you’ve gotta love moonpig.com!!), and the speech fine-tuned (although props and practice are still required, but I’ve got a day or two yet…).
And so I’m going to head out & enjoy the last of the sunshine for this evening. It never rains in Clabby, honest Guv’!!

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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