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Wacko Jacko – Brown Bread

As they say, Brown Bread… they’re reporting that he passed away due to a heart attack yesterday evening. No matter what you think of the man (and I’ll come to that in a minute), you have to respect what he did to the entertainment industry. He was a child star, and as an adult, he … Continue reading

Iran’s Democracy

They say Iranian hospitality is the best in the world. I know a few RoI football supporters who had a blast of a time there watching a world cup football match a few years ago. They rated it second to none in friendliness and generosity.   This week, however, Iran kicked out most foreign journalists, … Continue reading

Monsoon, come out, come out, wherever you are??

Well, the Monsoon is late in Mumbai… apparently up to a week late already depending on who you talk to. It was kind of amusing a few months ago, when I asked Shradha, one of the girls in the office, when the Monsoon would arrive in Mumbai. Without even a blink, she responded “7th June”. … Continue reading

Mark & Nicola’s Wedding!!

Well, it’s been a wee while since my brother got married now… and I’ve got back to India, I’m settled, kinda on the chair and able to write a blog entry. I guess the wedding, itself started at the practice ceremony on the Wednesday night before the wedding. I’d spent the day screaming at the … Continue reading

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