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Monsoon, come out, come out, wherever you are??

Well, the Monsoon is late in Mumbai… apparently up to a week late already depending on who you talk to. It was kind of amusing a few months ago, when I asked Shradha, one of the girls in the office, when the Monsoon would arrive in Mumbai. Without even a blink, she responded “7th June”. Apparently most Mumbaikers have an arrival date for the Monsoon. It differs from person to person, but they all have one apparently.

There have been a few pre-Monsoon rains, but really they’ve been little more than light showers for 15-20 minutes which have dried up after a few hours. The main event appears to be stuck in the Arabian Ocean, off to the West of Mumbai. All sorts of reasons for it’s lateness are being given, from El Nino to Global Warming, but the BBC reckon it’s all to do with a big blob of warm air in Northern India / Pakistan.

Anyways, India needs the rain. The local lake is looking a little worn… the volumes are definitely low. Of course, once the rains start, lack of water will be the least of Mumbai’s issues!! The streets will flood anywhere beyond four hours rain, and this year, we’re going to be blest with record tides!! Yup, on a city with an average elevation of 15 metres, the 24th July is expected to be the highest tide on record of 5.01 metres. Indeed, in 2005, the previous record was set at around four & a half metres… this year, Mumbai is expecting eight days where that level will be beaten.

So, not only will the water tables be high, but the rain will no doubt add to the calamity… much of Mumbai will be under water this summer. Indeed, we’ve been told there are certain days we’re not to venture outside, and I need to get emergency stockpiles of food & water in… proper emergency stuff like… wonder how Jack Bauer would deal with it??


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