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Iran’s Democracy

They say Iranian hospitality is the best in the world. I know a few RoI football supporters who had a blast of a time there watching a world cup football match a few years ago. They rated it second to none in friendliness and generosity.
This week, however, Iran kicked out most foreign journalists, and those who are still there, are not allowed to send recordings or reports. Today, the Iranian Foreign minister criticised foreign interference in Iran, blaming them for inciting violence on the streets of the country. He even went as far as to, indirectly, blame the Germans for being complicit in attacks on the Iranian mission in Germany… why?? Well, because the Gov’t’s in the west know everything about everyone, they control us to such a degree that we can do nothing without their blessing… in short, we have no freedom.
I was reminded immediately of Tariq Aziz, the former Foreign Minister of Iraq, who famously declared that the Iraqi’s were winning the war against the West… despite the Americans being about 10 miles from Baghdad.
Iran is going through perhaps the biggest unrest since the revolution and the setting up of the existing republic. The Gov’t aren’t backing down, killing some protestors, and the opposition aren’t backing down, having protest after protest. Economically, Iran will suffer… although how much will be difficult to tell due to some sanctions already in place. Will "the economy, stupid" be enough to force the Gov’t’s hand?? Can the Gov’t survive if it keeps pushing military law??
The Economist was pretty complimentary about Obama’s handling of the affair so far (basically by doing nothing). Other Western Leaders haven’t been so diplomatic – Sarkozy being front runner. Part of me thinks that the West keeping out of it will be for the better… the last thing you want is more of the "interference" rhetoric distracting the debate.
Come on Iran, get your house in order.

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