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Wacko Jacko – Brown Bread

As they say, Brown Bread… they’re reporting that he passed away due to a heart attack yesterday evening. No matter what you think of the man (and I’ll come to that in a minute), you have to respect what he did to the entertainment industry. He was a child star, and as an adult, he recorded hit after hit. He made movies, and people practically worshipped his every move.

Of course he wasn’t without controversy… and this is the thing that’s getting me today as the “world” mourns, as the BBC put it… the crimes he was accused of as an Adult, were, frankly some of the most despicable things a person could do. Today, I and a friend were scolded for focusing on the more sinister aspects of his life… “Concentrate on the positive” they say… well, no, sorry, but we should concentrate on the man… good and “bad”, as he would have put it himself.

Someone has already raised the question, will there be the same level of grief, when Gary Glitter passes… I somehow doubt it, yet, are they so different?? Admittedly, GG didn’t keep a pet monkey or own a fairground.

People are also talking about respecting the dead… fine aspirations, however, it’s a bit difficult to respect dead people, who didn’t respect life. We shouldn’t brush the truth out of the way just because someone had a good aspect to their life. We should remember the flaws, after all, it’s the flaws that make us human.

I’m sorry for the loss of his family, but personally, I won’t be mourning as the BBC seem to think…


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