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And breathe…

It’s been a horrific day. – I’m worried about a few things have no right place on here (!!) – People have been narking me with excuses or crazy thoughts – One of my processes looks likely to blow up in the next seven weeks, and it’s too important to the Group right now to … Continue reading


I’ve just tidied the flat, I’ve cleared the clutter, finished a load of laundry, polished the work shoes and cut my hair… I’ve got a josh stick burning in the lounge & you know, now I can relax, put my feet up (well if I had a decent bean bag) and chill for a couple … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse

I like to think I know what’s going on around me… and I make a point of reading the NI BBC and UK BBC web pages daily, yet I managed to completely miss the fact that yesterday (I’m guessing yesterday because it was in today’s paper), India witnessed the longest Solar Eclipse the world has … Continue reading


I’m back in Mumbai and just getting sorted really after my brief jaunt home. The weather here has been pretty rainy, though that’s to be expected in the middle of Monsoon… that said, since I’ve been back, I’ve not seen any of the terrible flooding that has been reported. To be honest though, I’m more … Continue reading

Home for a bit

Well, it’s July, so it’s July Holiday time, and back to wee Northern Ireland.   July is probably my most family of months. For a start, it’s Da’s birthday on Bastille Day (that’s the 14th of July for those of you Francophobes), and this year it’s touching 59 for the first time. It’s funny, Dad … Continue reading


I like a bit of routine in my life… and over the past few weeks, I’ve finally got one going. It changes my whole perspective on how things should operate, how long I should be sleeping, where I need to be & when. It feels good when plans work. Obviously, it feels bad when plans … Continue reading

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