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I like a bit of routine in my life… and over the past few weeks, I’ve finally got one going. It changes my whole perspective on how things should operate, how long I should be sleeping, where I need to be & when. It feels good when plans work.

Obviously, it feels bad when plans don’t work… and I guess that means I lose the edge on spontaneity, though a big part of me doesn’t seem to bother too much about that, because I know what the plan is, and I’m confident in my own ability to achieve the plan.

This weekend, the plan involves going back to Delhi where I’m now the Operations Liaison Manager on behalf of the bank. It’s some craic up there… bun fight & bakery spring to mind. The guys seem to know their process, but their operational management leaves lots to be desired… documentation, flexibility and the like is just abysmal.

Delhi is also a city of extremes. The last time I was there, it was 45 degrees… it was the first time I’d ever seen temperatures in that range (to put that in perspective, the UK is putting out health warnings at the moment about a heat wave which might exceed 32 degrees… wooses. The thing is, 45 degrees with only 18% humidity doesn’t feel that hot… certainly not in the shade, away from the sun. I actually quite liked it.

Compare it with 35 degrees and 80% humidity in Mumbai & I’d go for Delhi’s temperature every day. Though, as I said, it’s a city of extremes, and in winter it gets down to 4 degrees… OK, so that may not sound much, but that’s a 41 degree change… think about Northern Ireland, where 25 is a glorious day, and –5 is a very cold day… that’s a change of 30 degrees, but the reality is, for most of the year, between 20 and –2 degrees is probably the norm, a difference of only 22 degrees. That’s a pretty narrow range really.

My trip to Delhi will also be a first, as they’ve booked me in at the ITC… which won’t be a problem on itself as the ITC is a great range of hotel, the problem lies in that my routine is the Hyatt… which I’m currently a Diamond Member of… so bonus points coming out of my ears, and consequently free nights guaranteed… Now I have to start all over again with the ITC!! D’oh. Not amused that they’ve broken my routine…

That said, my routine of going home each July for the holidays & my auld fella’s birthday is soon to be upon me… I fly home on the 10th and leave the UK on the 15th, returning to India. Looking forward to it already.



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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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