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I’m back in Mumbai and just getting sorted really after my brief jaunt home. The weather here has been pretty rainy, though that’s to be expected in the middle of Monsoon… that said, since I’ve been back, I’ve not seen any of the terrible flooding that has been reported. To be honest though, I’m more concerned that any journey I hope to take will be impacted by the visiting Hilary Clinton… VVIP’s are never good for traffic. I’ve also got the joy of flying to Delhi on Sunday, the same day that Hilary is travelling from Mumbai to Delhi.


Anyways, I’ve not really done much since I’ve been back bar work, eat, sleep & watch cricket!! The Ashes have started again, so England are trying their wee hearts out to stop the Aussies from stealing, sorry I mean bringing home the Urn. It’s great entertainment for Cricket lovers, but probably not so good for those of you who don’t…

Otherwise, I’ve taken a new video of the apartment which will be uploaded onto the tour site in due course. It shows some of the changes, and actually, if you compare it to the old video below, it’s impressive how much the place has changed in the last year or so. It’s starting to feel like a home, rather than an apartment, which is nice.

I’ve also been looking at photos a bit this morning after discovering some of my brother’s wedding on my small camera!! I’ve downloaded them to the laptop & will upload them, and a few others this evening.

As I mentioned, I’m off to Delhi tomorrow for a few days. Work related as always, and staying until Wednesday, but Barry Clarke, the Invest NI rep for India will be in Delhi at the same time, and has promised to introduce me to another Nordie who’s based up there.

And that’s that… I’m pretty much in India now until September, though there was talk of a jaunt to Malaysia, but I see nothing of that actually happening at the moment. So, I guess we’re going to get the chance to do some routine at last!!


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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