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And breathe…

It’s been a horrific day.

– I’m worried about a few things have no right place on here (!!)

– People have been narking me with excuses or crazy thoughts

– One of my processes looks likely to blow up in the next seven weeks, and it’s too important to the Group right now to go wrong.

– The battery on my watch has stopped…

– I’ve forgotten my BarryBerry this evening in the office… d’oh.

– The first day of the third test was practically washed out and when it started, the Aussies have some fun…

Can it get any worse?! Seriously?! It’s been a really good week up until this point… life was going along merrily. I’d had my Half Year review in work and the boss was seriously happy with my work. I’ve pretty much agreed the next year of my career and he’s agreed to sponsor me through a second degree (more on that later).

Work has been going really well. I’m building fantastic relationships in my clients and suppliers, and I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks of routine between Mumbai & Delhi. It’s been great fun. I’ve been spending time with great people too… whether it’s been Barry Snr, Sarah, Sonya, Dan, Harry, Susie or Simon, it’s all been going superbly.

I guess all good things come to an end, eh??

Anyways, what do you do?? Well, actually, I’ve vented to a few good friends… and of course I’m finding solace in the written word (i.e. I’m writing in my blog). Contrary to Facebook predictions, I reckon soft toys and puppies are safe… though my advice is stay out of sight for another 24 hours!!

I think I need football to come back to me & make it all better… I can focus on how my team are doing and forget about the rest of the world. Football takes care of me!!

So, like I was saying, I’m looking to do a second degree. The plan is to do Politics, Philosophy and Economics through the Open University. That should be good fun!! Take up a bit of my dead time in the car or in the mornings too. That the boss has agreed to get involved is super for me, as it just makes things easier in terms of money & dedicated time.

The only other thing wild at the moment, is that I’ve become heavily involved in Portadown FC this week, on a project to revamp their website… and in the middle of that, appear to have inherited the Advertising / Sponsorship and Partnership role for the Website (as opposed to the commercial manager of the club…). That should be some craic, as I’ve never done anything like it and I’m one or two miles away from the area to meet people face to face… that might be a hindrance… but so far, I’ve looked at a few avenues, and hopefully, it’ll be all good.

So, busy as always, and hopefully a bit happier tomorrow… who knows what’s next?! Surely some good news.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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