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Friends at last!!

Well, it only took 14 months, but finally, someone I know came to India & spent a bit of time with me!! Martha Irwin, bless her, of all people!! Mags (as she’s affectionately known in 1604) was chatting to me a few months ago on Facebook or something like, and she was pretty incredulous that I was in India, so I said come & visit… and she did!!

So last Friday, Martha & her friend Pamela Kenwell arrived in Mumbai following a couple of, shall we say entertaining, weeks in India.

Mags turned up in Fivemiletown High School (it was a School in my day!!) to complete her ‘A’Levels when I was in Upper Sixth. So here she was, years later on my door step, looking like she’d crawled through the jungle to get here!! They’d arrived in Delhi, seen Agra, a couple of other spots I can’t remember, and Goa before making it to Mumbai.

Anyways, as they’d been doing India on the cheap, I decided we’d do Mumbai nicely. So most of the best restaurants and cafes were investigated, and I think they liked the flat… I got 5*’s on the Mags & Pam rating scale (which I think was reasonably objective… but you can’t be too sure, so I shouted most of the food, to ensure a win).

Not sure what the highlight was to be honest, as it was pretty good, but the low light was definately a fight which we witnessed at a Beach side cafe. A tall guy, looked like he’d caused a bit of trouble, and was being escorted out… well done we thought… until the ruckous came through from the back of the patio, and it transpired that he was receiving a kicking, and there was a knife involved. We got offside pretty quickly, thankfully.

Anyways, I got the girls on the plane safely in the end, and they bought me a fantastic throw for a leaving gift!! I’m going to get it mounted on the wall as it’s too ornate to use as a throw.

The downside to the whole episode of course, is that this morning, when I got up, the flat felt so quiet & empty after having some visitors… it was almost sad. Still, I hope they come back some day… and maybe a few new ones too… Chez Finbar is open for trade.


About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Friends at last!!

  1. Awww. It\’s sad that you were lonely whenever they left. Me and Louise will definitely have to come visit at some stage. I just have to do my California trip first!

    Posted by Catherine | August 15, 2009, 10:49

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