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A little yawn…

Boy am I tired. It’s just gone 0050 on the 30th October, and I’ve just finished working… I got back to my flat at about 2330, after a day trip to Bangalore for work. It’s been another whirl wind week on the tour… last Wednesday morning, I got back from the UK into Mumbai in … Continue reading

Four Currencies in My Pocket

I’m nearly at the end of my October vacation… I’m sat in my hotel in Bristol following another whirlwind tour which developed from a restful European vacation into another work journey!! This was my first full week’s vacation of the year. That’s right, I actually still have a majority of my vacation to take this … Continue reading

And so it goes again…

It’s a Friday, I’m waiting for the clothes in the drier to finish, before heading to work… and it’s the start of another adventure!! Tonight, I’m flying out of Mumbai (again (which seems to be the average response to me when I say I’m going somewhere)) for a week’s vacation. Now, it may seem like … Continue reading

It isn’t always happy…

Well, it’s been a thoroughly miserable start to the week… of what is a typically difficult week anyways. 28th of September is the date I left home (the second time), and this year marked five years of living away from Northern Ireland. It’s pretty poignant for me, as the five year plan is practically up!! … Continue reading

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