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A little yawn…

Boy am I tired.

It’s just gone 0050 on the 30th October, and I’ve just finished working… I got back to my flat at about 2330, after a day trip to Bangalore for work.

It’s been another whirl wind week on the tour… last Wednesday morning, I got back from the UK into Mumbai in what can only be described as the final straw in my relationship with British Airways. Now, I fully accept the moan I’m about to have will not garner much sympathy, but I don’t care… I’m going on a rant.

I flew BA economy from Mumbai to London the previous week, and it wasn’t too bad. I was in the back row, had a Steward who was funny, and video on demand with a decent selection of movies. I slept for 6 hours of the flight anyways, so didn’t really have to face the food anyways. It wasn’t great sleep, but it was sleep.

Fast forward just over a week, and I was travelling back on Business as work had taken over my holiday (I guess that’s the price you pay for being available 24/7). In departures, I had lounge access at Terminal Five. Now, T5 is quite nice truth be told… but try getting a smile out of any of the BA staff there!! A bit narked by that I headed to the gate early, to discover my friend Sue Cery about to board the same flight. She was travelling Economy, so I thought I’d ask on board if there were any empty seats & if she could be bumped up.

Well… no was the short answer… and I mean short. I actually felt like I’d caused the crew an inconvenience by flying with BA – and I was still on the sodding ground. And it got worse!! I thought to myself, I’ll watch a movie, and head to sleep on my flat bed… ha!!

I waited until I was nearly above the Third Reich for the entertainment system to kick in… and in this, the last year of the first decade, of the 21st Century, what did I get?? Video on Sodding Loop… I mean, really… REALLY?! What dumwit in BA thinks that is acceptable?? I refer you to the paragraph three above this one, in Economy, a week earlier, that’s right, Economy, I had VOD… in Business, I have VOL. I lucked out in the end, and caught 95% of a movie, which because I was trying to flick about & see what was on, I missed the title of completely.

So having caught some entertainment, it was time for bed. I got my flat bed in position, and then rang the Call Bell of Disgust, for a Steward to come along. Now, on any sensible airline, paying a significant number of thousands of pounds as a customer will get you a number of benefits… flat bed being one, a sleeper suit (posh term for Airline Branded Pyjamas) being another. Not with BA it appears. Apparently, sleeper suits are only for First Class… oh right, so £3,000 a ticket doesn’t get you a pair of pyjamas complementary, but £5,000 will. That might make sense if they’re stitched with golden thread taken from the Golden Fleece that Jason & the Argonauts were chasing all those years ago… but in this century it makes as bout much sense as Nigel Worthington’s tactic of crossing the ball to one player hoping (beyond hope) that he manages to beat the three opposition defenders around him to knock it towards the other bunch of NI players who are also equally marked. Now, some of you better read readers may remember a story, not so long ago where one of the heiresses of the Guinness Empire stripped her clothes on a Kingfisher flight from Mumbai to London (or maybe the other way around)… I decided that such an action of protest against their pyjama policy would be unfair on the other passengers around me… including kids.

So, wearing the clothes that I’d already worn for about 15 hours by this point, I decided to go to sleep. I managed to lie down, get the blanket sorted & fall off for a doze. Now, I’m a bit of a fidgety sleeper, and I regularly turn from side to side… in one such instance, in fact, the first such instance of my flight, I applied some weight with my feet to gain leverage and turn… only for the footstool, which acts as part of the “flat” bed to give way… so there I was, without a flat bed.

I guess if I look on the bright side, I slept through breakfast & avoided any potential pit falls like food poisoning… and obviously the look of disgust from the cabin crew as I asked for some Orange Juice with my toast.

Phew… it feels better now.

Anyways, since I’ve been back, I have worked, hard, been to Delhi for three nights, been to B’lore for a day trip, had dinner with friends from London & Delhi, met friends from the UK at the Mumbai Int’l airport at midnight, and negotiated a 50% price reduction from the carpenter on a unit I’m having built for the lounge.

This weekend, it slows down… I promise. Right, well, time for bed, have a good Hallowe’en.


About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “A little yawn…

  1. Ha! Having only recently started reading ur blogs Barry, I\’m finding them quite entertaining! Hope u feel better after ur rant, am jus havin visions of u in a giant baby-grow with BA on it (not having ever had the pleasure of travelling BA business class!) Neway, thanks 4 the entertainment, hope all well with u! Tx

    Posted by Trudy | November 2, 2009, 12:55

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