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18 working days left in 2009…

… I think I’ve done my sums right. When you distil down the last few weeks of the year, I’ve actually only got three & a bit weeks of work left, and three of those days lie between Christmas & New Years when about 75% of the company will be on vacation anyways, so they’re not exactly stressful days.

I’ve still not got accommodation sorted for Sri Lanka nor have I got my Safari Lodge booked (though I’m pretty sure I’ve picked the one I’m going to stay in, I’m just waiting for Pay Day to hit me on Friday) but apart from that, it’s pretty much all done.

This weekend is the last weekend where Sonya, Susie & I are in town together, so there’ll be a dinner or two to celebrate no doubt and then my plans for the year look like this:

Next Week: Delhi / Mumbai / Sri Lanka

Week After: Sri Lanka / Mumbai

Week After: Mumbai / Delhi / Dubai

Week After: Dubai / Johannesburg / Kruger Park

Week After: Kruger Park / London / Northern Ireland

Week After: Northern Ireland

Week After: Northern Ireland / London / Mumbai

So, nice & straight forward then. Sure, if nothing else, it’ll keep me honest I guess… and with lots of hotel and plane time, it’ll be time to set my goals for 2010. At the moment, I’ve got a few ideas bobbing about my head… Top of my list I think is completing the goals I’ve failed miserably at in the past two years – i.e. learning the Guitar & learning Hindi. I’m also getting ready to enrol on a second degree, so that should take up some time as well. I’ll also be looking to do some serious travel next year… and of course, save for a mortgage whilst I’m doing all of that (you never know, I might even be ready to buy late next year!!).

So busy, busy. Just the way I like it.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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