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Dubai – plastic ambition

I’m writing this, from South Africa, but for the sake of compartmentalisation (one of my favourite words of all time) I’m going to separate out the blog entries between Dubai and South Africa. I flew from Mumbai to Dubai on the 11th December, flying with Emirates for the first time (who weren’t too bad at … Continue reading


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, lots of people are leaving India at the moment, never to return… it’s pretty sad in a way, that these great people, and I do think they’re great, are leaving India, and my life. First to go was Shiva, in Delhi. I guess it’s not quite the same … Continue reading

Sri Lanka

Last weekend, I travelled to Sri Lanka, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” for a long weekend. I’m not totally sure what I was expecting, but I have to say the place blew me away… and I’m definitely planning to go back in early 2010. I flew out on the Thursday night / Friday morning, … Continue reading

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