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The summer is nearly over…

So, I did get completely distracted by the World Cup in South Africa, as my last blog entry suggested, and in the middle part of July, Spain emerged as the winners of the tournament – deservedly so as well, playing the best football. Ole.

I also had my annual July holiday home, which was great, as I got to spend time with all the family in Northern Ireland. The parades this year took us to Brookeborough, where there was a decent bit of sunshine, almost no rain (just a little), no trouble to speak of (thankfully) and a decent opportunity to catch up with friends from around the county.

I also took the opportunity to travel to the Yorkshire Dales and Moors with Alex, Charlotte (expecting their first child in the later part of 2010), Marcus and Kelly. This was Alex’s return leg of the trip we all took in 2008 in Northern Ireland. It was a great trip, and one which I’ll blog about again in more detail, when I get the photos on to here.

And so, back to India for a few weeks, before it was time to get on another plane, and take some holiday again. This time, I took a week to travel from Mumbai, to Istanbul, to Belgrade, to Podgorica and back the same route. Yes, it was another Northern Ireland away trip, and yes, we did lose again… but I’ll come back to that trip again in an update later. Again, photos to follow.

Next, and this may still shock some who read this & who know me, I’ve handed in my notice to the Indian company to return to the UK, and only this week past got confirmation of my next role as a Project Manager in London. So, my two years in India are coming to an end in September 2010 and I’ll be returning to England (via a short stint in Northern Ireland living in Clabby again!!). It wasn’t an easy decision – that’s for sure, and there may be a tear involved yet – but it’s the right decision for me from a work perspective. I’m sure I’ll talk about this in detail in other blogs later in September, but for now, for those of you in London, I’ll be seeing you soon!!

And the last update this time, but again, something I’ll blog on later, is this week… I’ve just returned from a weekend in Sri Lanka with Dina. We stayed in Kandy and Uppuveli for three nights, and had a great time… with elephants, tea plantations, hunting for string hoppers (Dina failed here!!), swimming in the Bay of Bengal side of the Indian Ocean, relaxing on the beach and just having a few days away, together in a bit of peace… which leads me to the second half of my week off which is a four day trip to Slovenia to see Northern Ireland’s opening match in their European Championship 2012 Qualifying Campaign in Maribor. I reckon it might not be as quiet and as relaxing as Sri Lanka…

… let see!!


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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