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India comes to an end…

Well, as I mentioned in my last blog, I’m to return to the UK this September.

It was not an easy decision to make, however, having thought it through manys a time, it’s the right decision for me, career wise and in reality, life wise as I progress into what can only be described as adulthood… yes, I’m finally growing up!! So why make this decision??

Well, firstly I guess my time was just naturally up. At the time of writing, I’ve been in India for two years, two months. This fits perfectly with my two year work rule (which is do any job for two years, whether you like it or loathe it, so that you can at the very least experience it). The work that I had been doing for the vast majority of those two years was changing, and the people in the India organisation was changing.

Indeed it was this change of personnel which probably prompted me if I’m being honest. I was no longer a hired man, but an inherited asset, and what I found from that was that sometimes, when your management changes, you’re back to square one in terms of proving your worth, and clearly the way in which you, yourself are managed changes. I guess, to be blunt, I didn’t like how I was being managed by strangers and a number of incidents culminated in one straw too many for this camel’s back.

So having made my decision, it was time to see how that would go down with the girl I’ve been seeing in Bombay for 9 months, Dina… I guess I’ve mentioned her once or twice on my blog, however, I probably didn’t quite give away the extent of our relationship… to fill in the blanks, I asked Dina to join me in the UK and she said Yes. Result, as they say. Anyways, that just sealed the deal for me… and without actually having a job lined up to return to, I handed in my papers to my boss, and he accepted them, graciously it has to be said.

And so the job hunt began… I applied for five, got rejected out right for one, interviewed for three, got rejected in another one, accepted in another, and withdrew in the other application due to the offer. I never heard from the fifth for some reason… And so I’m due to return to work in London on the 1st October 2010, as a Project Manager. In terms of a box ticking exercise, this probably just about ticks most of them, so I can have no complaints about my future.

I’m due to leave India on the 12/13 September, to return to the UK. I’ll spend some time in Northern Ireland before starting the house hunting process in SE London – favouring the Camberwell & Oval areas, but also looking at Canada Water, Brixton, East Dulwich and even considering Elephant & Castle at the moment. All fit in to my budget, but clearly, the house has to hit both Dina’s and my own needs. Looking on GumTree.com there appears to be plenty of options within my budget, so I’m hoping that finding that pad won’t be a difficult scenario.

I’m actually blogging this from the Mumbai International Airport Departures Lounge – not connected, so it’ll be published later – where I’ve spent many an hour… indeed, looking at my list of NI games, this journey is my 13th time through this lounge in my two years in India, and there’ll have been a few others as well. India has treated me very well. I know many ex-pats complain bitterly about their experience here, however, for me I’ve enjoyed practically every day. I’m pleased as punch about that, as it’s easy to be somewhere & just exist there, but in Mumbai I’ve seen and done lots. I’ve dined in 5* hotels, I’ve dined in off the street local restaurants. I’ve travelled India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka (x3), Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, Poland, Czech Republic and probably a few other places. I’ve seen Elephants on the road and in the Orphanage; I’ve helped charities, and I’ve spent wildly. I’ve gained weight and lost hair, and made some incredibly great friends along the way. I’ve discovered Dal Makhani… hmm… and probably a few other things in between. I can’t being to describe the fun I’ve had here. I will miss it terribly if the truth be told, but I’ll never regret coming here, nor will I regret leaving here. Life is too short for that carry on, so it will be a case of remembering the good times, learning from the bad times & looking to the future with my family & my girl.

To the UK, and coming home.


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