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Portadown FC & the possibilities…

Talking to my Da just last week, he was saying that he’d heard that Portadown FC (the greatest club side in the world, in case you are interested) had gathered up 75% of the funds necessary for the next stage of Shamrock Park’s redevelopment. The reality is that this 75% – if it exists at … Continue reading

Highs & Lows

It certainly has been an interesting few weeks in the UK when it comes to money. Firstly, we had our Spending Review, which announced a number of packages aimed at reducing the national debt. Then, suspiciously some might say, we had the news that Prince William had gotten engaged to Catherine Middleton… something that will … Continue reading

A Royal Wedding to look forward to!!

Today it was announced that Prince William has gotten engaged to Catherine Middleton, his long time girl friend – 9 years long according to the news this evening. William comes across as a thoroughly likeable guy, and dedicated to his country to boot, so all in all he looks like being an incredibly good Monarch … Continue reading

Housing Progress

The house in London is slowly becoming more of a home with every passing day. Today saw a couple of real leaps forward for us here in Southwark. Firstly, the rear yard fence was entirely replaced to completion today. Now, this was a ‘pre-requisite’ of my agreeing to rent the property and it’s original ill-repair … Continue reading

Quit the gurning… argh!!

It’s not normally like me to use a blog entry to talk about politics, or even, to have a good rant, however, today I feel like I need to let off some steam. Today I’d like to rant about university tuition fees – or rather the moaning about university tuition fees. Before I set off, … Continue reading

Welcome to the new Finbar On Tour

After many years using the Windows Live Spaces tool as my blogging homeland, MSN have sold their souls and turfed me, and doubtless thousands of other bloggers out into the big bad world of blogging… I now have Finbar On Tour hosted on WordPress. The practical reality of this means that whilst my blogging has … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

What a month…

I’m posting from my living room in London. It’s a Friday morning and I’m off work as I’m down with a cold, a stinking one at that. Meh. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that I’m down with a cold, the last month or so has been nothing short of manic… with it’s highs … Continue reading

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