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What a month…

I’m posting from my living room in London. It’s a Friday morning and I’m off work as I’m down with a cold, a stinking one at that. Meh. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that I’m down with a cold, the last month or so has been nothing short of manic… with it’s highs and it’s lows.

In my last blog, I updated from home about how I was struggling to find a place to live. Thankfully, I returned to England and got somewhere sorted pretty quickly. The problem was that it wasn’t available to move into for around two weeks. So I stayed in Bromley for a few days, with Dave, Pauline and Archie, then stayed in Royal Tunbridge Wells with Jon for a few days before going to see NI play Italy in Belfast and then the Faroe Islands away, in the Faroe Islands (staying in Torshavn and visiting Tofir).

In true Northern Ireland style, we managed an excellent 0-0 result at home against 4 times World Champions Italy… only to then draw 1-1 away to the Faroe Islands… a team ranked something like 125 in the world… gutted. I returned to England to move in to my new digs and to start my new Job.

So slowly I started to get the house sorted out… I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, I tidied the living room, and it was starting to take shape. Then I got burgled on day 10 of living in the house. The thief pried open the bedroom window using a coal shovel, and made off with my HP laptop, my Panasonic digital camera, my Oakley sunglasses, my Pierre Cardin suit carrier and, err… a fitted bed sheet. The scumbag. I mean how low do you have to go to steal a fitted bed sheet?! Amazingly, some of the items left behind surprised me… including TV and PS3!! So, I called the police (and had two of the most beautiful WPC’s I’ve ever seen arrive on the scene of crime) and then the Insurance company and the landlord. So the windows are now all screwed shut and the insurance process is in train, and hopefully will run it’s course in the next few weeks. I’m not terribly sad about the items that have been stolen, but on my laptop, I had hundreds if not thousands of photographs which were never published & which I hadn’t taken the time to back up… lost forever I guess.

Shortly after all of this, Dina arrived in London to visit me in the flat for a few weeks, before we both go our separate ways in December for the Christmas Holidays – I’m off to Australia & Dina’s off to the USA. It’s wonderful to have her here for some time and she’s helping me to make the house a home. And this week, the boxes from India arrived as well meaning that I have my Samsung Notebook to do this update on.

And finally, for now, I’ve also been going to the swimming pool quite a bit & am slowing working my way up to swimming a mile each morning. I’m not far off now as it happens… but the cold will no doubt slow me down for a few days.

I guess it’s no real surprise that I’ve crashed with a cold… the last few weeks have been manic and I’ve been sleeping excellently… I suppose sooner or later I had to go down with a bit of burn out or something. Hopefully I’ll recover OK for Monday & can be back at it then and that’ll see me through to my vacation in December. Fingers crossed… and a bowl or two of soup to help!!


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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