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Housing Progress

The house in London is slowly becoming more of a home with every passing day. Today saw a couple of real leaps forward for us here in Southwark.

Firstly, the rear yard fence was entirely replaced to completion today. Now, this was a ‘pre-requisite’ of my agreeing to rent the property and it’s original ill-repair was one of the accessories (if you will) to the burglary of my London residence as it provided the criminal with easy access to the window which was broken. So you can imagine my delight at seeing it replaced & finished. The back yard today is still a mess, but the builder will be back next week to complete the clean up and suddenly the outdoor space will look a lot more useful. We also got an outdoor sensor light installed to act as a deterrent to further invasions, so hopefully now, with the windows secured and today’s developments the place is secure.

Secondly, BT called and I got a telephone line installed into the house – which I’m using to publish this entry as I now also have my broadband connection in place courtesy of SKY TV. So I’m back online, and once I purchase a handset, I’ll even have a landline number with which I can make those all important calls to home!!

Dina & I have also made quite a bit of progress this week on just tidying up and getting the place more homely. The visit to IKEA happened on Monday, so we got some throws for the sofa suite, a rug, and other bits & bobs which make it more ours. We still have to do the pictures on the wall thing though the builder said that when he would be back early next week that he could put these up for us in the house. So result on that score as well.

This week also saw the insurance pay out on the items which were stolen. I’ve got myself a new digital camera and a new HP laptop on which to play… and the sunglasses & suit carrier have been replaced with cash. So all in all things are really coming together at the moment. And tomorrow, oh joy of joy, SKY TV will be arriving and installed by an engineer. Oh yes. Suddenly, this flat has the potential to be a home and I’m thrilled about it all if I’m being honest.

I loved my flat in Bombay, probably the first time I ever really grew attached to a home in my time away from Fermanagh and despite the invasion of my space last month, I feel I’m really warming to this place now. A few more weeks and I’m sure it’ll be just the way I want it as a tenant… which is completely different than how I’d want it if I was an owner, but we can worry about that when that day presents itself. Anyways, when I get the chance, I’ll take a few photos and publish them online somehow – I’m not sure how that will work now that I’ve moved to WordPress, but I’ll try to sort something hour.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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