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A Royal Wedding to look forward to!!

Today it was announced that Prince William has gotten engaged to Catherine Middleton, his long time girl friend – 9 years long according to the news this evening. William comes across as a thoroughly likeable guy, and dedicated to his country to boot, so all in all he looks like being an incredibly good Monarch for the United Kingdom.

Indeed, the way he’s gone about his courtship shows his dedication to duty. Interviewed today, he answered the question simply about how today was the right time to announce it and how a month ago was the right time to do the asking. Other things were important to get right – like his training to be a Rescue Helicopter Pilot in the RAF. Obviously, I’m sure there were reasons on Kate’s side of the relationship too, though I’m also sure that she’d have liked a bit of bling on her wedding finger a bit sooner… but she seems pretty switched on to the gravity of what she’s about to do – she’s about to join ‘the Firm’.

That level of preparation for something like an engagement demonstrates that the pair of them will take the job seriously of representing our country as Head of State. It should also mean that goodwill towards the Monarchy is likely to persist, and likely grow in our future. Whilst Prince Charles has had his share of scandal in his life, Prince William has largely avoided anything other than ridiculous attempts to pick holes in what can only be described as an attempted normal adolescent life for a very ‘not so normal’ kid. With the popularity of HRH Elizabeth II remaining steady, and Prince Charles appearing more normal by the day as he perhaps gets closer to being King, the idea that the Monarchy would suffer a lack of popular support from the British public before a possible ascendancy of King William V seems remote. Stick that in your pipe ‘Republicans’.

So 2011 offers the likelihood of a Royal Wedding for the nation to bask in the pomp of, and a possible afternoon off work for us all… good work William!! Hopefully the Government will do the right thing & announce a public holiday for the occasion, and hopefully the Royal Family do what they do best and put on a show for the world. The sight of hundreds of thousands of well wishers on the streets of London would be wonderful, and it may even draw in a few tourists and earn a few more bob for the UK economy.

So, from me a heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple and a ‘well done son’ to William… he’s picked a looker!!

Then of course 2012 offers the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics in London… there’s lots to look forward to in London over the next few years!! Exciting times!!


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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