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Western Australia

On Saturday Gered, his wife Karyn and son Riley collected me from the Witch’s Hat Hostel in Northbridge, Perth and we started driving south to meet up with some of Gered’s Family – they were going to bring me to the town of Manjimup where I was to be staying for the next few days. … Continue reading

A Day at the Test

On the 17th December, I went to the WACA to watch my first day of the Ashes in Australia in the current Series. I arrived with England batting at 29 runs scored without the loss of any wickets. When I left, a mere six hours and 30 minutes of play later, Australia were three wickets … Continue reading

Perfect weather for Cricket

It was 32 degrees today in Perth, Western Australia where it was day one of the third test between Australia and England. I didn’t have a ticket but it was on free to air TV. Needless to say, I didn’t actually see any sun today. If you want to read about the match, there’s no … Continue reading

500 Days of Summer

So today I have arrived in Perth, sadly the day that the Freemantle Doctor decided not to blow across the beach at Cottesloe. To be honest today hasn’t really been much of an event, I got up, cleaned up, headed for breakfast and jumped on a bus to Perth. I found my hostel, check-in and … Continue reading

Lazy, but that’s the way I planned it.

Today I didn’t achieve much and I’m quite happy about that to be honest. I was woken, at noon, by the cleaner coming in to the dorm room and making a racket. It wasn’t quite how I’d envisaged my morning as it didn’t involve breakfast, but hey, it was a fine way to start I … Continue reading

And a happy birthday it was too.

So I made it to Australia in time for my birthday!! Oh yeah!! As I’m sure you gathered from my last post, I was somewhat worried about ‘Plan C’ for my journey to Australia and whilst it didn’t all go to plan, it worked out quite well in the end. It started out at 0410 … Continue reading

Is trying to get out of the Country!!

It’s a time of austerity, there are riots in the capital which involve attacking the heir to the throne, the weather is rubbish, and work has been bit of a mare recently. Time for some good weather and good times watching the cricket in Australia I say. No say Lufthansa, the German Airline. I was … Continue reading

A decade of sport?

Tomorrow sees FIFA decide where the 2018 and 2022 World Cups are to be played. Sky Sports are reporting tonight that England’s bit for 2018 is now the current favourite to win at the bookies, and if successful would see London host the 2012 Olympics and the World Cup Final just six years later. Say … Continue reading

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