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Is trying to get out of the Country!!

It’s a time of austerity, there are riots in the capital which involve attacking the heir to the throne, the weather is rubbish, and work has been bit of a mare recently. Time for some good weather and good times watching the cricket in Australia I say.

No say Lufthansa, the German Airline.

I was due to fly from London City airport this afternoon at 1700 to Frankfurt to catch a connecting flight on to Singapore. As someone who clearly flies too often I was rather looking forward to flying from the only London airport (no Biggin Hill doesn’t count) that he’d not flown from internationally. Except that upon arrival at the airport, I discovered that my flight had been cancelled. Shocking stuff I say, as in the 8 years in which I’ve been flying regularly this is the very first time that I’ve had a flight cancelled!! Sure, plenty of delays, and some significant ones which might just have been covering up a cancellation in hindsight, but this was my first open cancellation. Shocking as I said.

Obviously I was in a state of worry about how my holiday to Australia was going to be impacted… I was close to wheeling out the phone to call my insurance policy company. However, the lady at the desk in the airport suggested that I might try to fly on the 1715 from Heathrow to Munich and catch a connecting flight from there to Singapore – and actually get me into Singapore a little bit early. There was only one hitch, I’d have to get to Heathrow in 90 minutes by being driven through the centre of London.

Well, lets give that a go, shall we?!

To be fair to Steve he made it to Heathrow in 93 minutes, so not a bad effort, though the 89 minutes I had to spend listening to his story about how he had his van nicked, was probably about an hour too much. So with backpack strapped on I made it to the check in machines… and was queuing to check my bag when it was announced that the light was being delayed by 90 minutes. That number again, this time significant because it would guarantee that I miss my flight to Singapore. Crisis again!!

I then spent the next 90 minutes, I kid you not, in a queue or at the front of the queue waiting on a wee dear to work out how to log her self into her system and sort out my flights to Singapore!! In the end I’ve got a precarious journey planned for tomorrow morning which involves a 0410 wake up call and less than an hour to get through Schipol International Airport to my connecting flight. It also involves flying British Airways. Bummer.

So having ditched the ‘German Experiment’ and possibly downgraded to the most ungrateful airline in the world with a terribly short connection time in Amsterdam, I’ve been put up in the Novotel Heathrow, which once you get the heating working, is actually quite nice.

Now that I’m fed and watered, it is time to relax, blog and get these fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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