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Lazy, but that’s the way I planned it.

Today I didn’t achieve much and I’m quite happy about that to be honest. I was woken, at noon, by the cleaner coming in to the dorm room and making a racket. It wasn’t quite how I’d envisaged my morning as it didn’t involve breakfast, but hey, it was a fine way to start I thought.

It may have had something to do with the controversy in the room last night when two guys came in around 0100 and decided to have a chat, which is fair enough in my mind. Not in the mind of the 80+ year old Dane in the room. He started yelling, at the top of his voice that they keep quiet and turn off the light. Now if he’d done it once, fair enough, but he kept on & on… and initially, it seemed like the guys were going to (slowly) comply… but with his persistence, it got the back up on the guys and they then had a full blown barney. Entertaining in a way.

On rising and shining I grabbed some lunch in the hostel and headed for the local cafe Cottesloe which has the free wifi (naked tuna) and ordered a milkshake and whittled a few hours away. Well, three or so anyways. I checked facebook, email, OWC and then decided that I was wasting a beautiful day and headed to the beach (never more than 500 yards away from me today).

I thought it’d be nice to sit & read on the sand, which was pretty deserted today, unfortunately the wind blowing off the Indian Ocean (known locally as the ‘Freemantle Doctor’) was so persistent and strong that I gave up. The whip of sand against my legs was remarkable and the force of the wind off the ocean actually kept me pretty cool despite the 30 degree heat – which of course makes it dangerous for sunburn.

I found one or two spots to shelter myself against the breeze and read some of my book, but eventually decided to hit the hostel around six for some tea. I used the chance to recharge my phone and notebook as well. I got to chatting with some of the other guys in the room – a German who’s just finished High School and an English guy who’s been travelling for nearly two years…

And that, aside from a little time playing Tiger Woods golf on an XBOX was pretty much my evening. It’s just coming up to 2300 and I’m actually typing this up from bed as I reckon I deserve a good night’s sleep to get me over the day… Tomorrow (Wednesday) sees me move into Perth city a day ahead of the 3rd Test between Australia and England, giving me a chance to work out the lay of the land around the next hostel and see what the route looks like to the Oval on Thursday morning to see if there are any loose tickets floating about. Fingers crossed.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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