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Invictus – “shall find me, unafraid”

This week, I had the displeasure to listen to ‘Sheila’ a caller to the (generally rubbish) Stephen Nolan show on the BBC Radio Ulster Channel. You can listen too to the terribleness of the call for yourself at this link and by forwarding through the show to around 41 minutes in.  The context to this … Continue reading

Exciting News…

Yup, I’ve increased my average daily step total from last week’s triumph to a whopping 8,245 for the past week!! Oh, and Dina has managed to get a job offer with Herbert Smith in their new Belfast Office. Pretty good, eh?!

Not a bad Saturday

It’s nearly bed time at the end of another week and it’s not been a bad way to end the week if the truth be told. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday. It started out mundane enough, as I traipsied off to Tesco for the weekly grocery shop… with the added aim of gathering all the … Continue reading

Making Finbar On Tour more like home

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed two new links at the top of my Finbar On Tour page… Photos & Reviews. You may well remember on my old MSN Live Space that I had both a review section and some pretty photo albums available to view and well, this is my attempt to … Continue reading

10,000 Steps a Day

Whilst in Melbourne, out for a walk on Christmas Day, my Dad’s cousin – Kim Hetherington – mentioned that he was taking part in a ‘10,000 Steps a Day’ challenge. The idea is that you take 10,000 steps a day… d’uh. According to those in the know, 10,000 steps is the equivalent to five miles. … Continue reading

And we’re off and running…

So it’s Thursday of my first week back at work & it’s been an experience this week, that’s for sure!! Surprisingly I haven’t suffered too badly from Jet Lag – or at least I feel so – as because I’ve travelled from East to West, getting up in the mornings is actually easy if you’ve … Continue reading

2011 – Planning

Well it is the start of a new year, a time to consider the future and think about how to make some of those dreams a reality. So what can we expect this year from Finbar On Tour?? Firstly on the blog itself, I need to sit down and reflect on how I want this … Continue reading

Cairns – the Great Barrier Reef and ‘Bringing the Urn Home’

This will be my last Australian Holiday blogging as I’m in Cairns Airport waiting on my first flight of three* to get me back to London in about 47 hours time – roughly 2000 on Sunday evening I should be settled on my own sofa. I flew up to Cairns on Tuesday morning and everything … Continue reading

Sydney – New Year’s Eve 2011 and the Fifth Test

On the 30th December I flew to Sydney for the penultimate stop on my four week tour of Australia. I landed and travelled to the city centre to meet up with Anna to get the key to the flat I would be staying in, which was in Corvelly on the Eastern side of Sydney and … Continue reading

Australia v England – 4th Test 2010/2011 Ashes Series, Melbourne

So you may have gleaned by now that I’ve been in Australia for the Cricket. The Ashes dates back to the late 1800’s and is the name of the prize that is played for when England & Australia play each other in Test Cricket. It is widely considered to be one of the oldest and … Continue reading

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