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TICKETS!! Get Your Tickets Here!!

I’m sure for many of you, you don’t follow the Irish Premier League (yes it is the IPL, but it’s not that IPL). Currently it’s a 12 team division, the top division in Northern Irish football which is organised by the Irish Football Association – the IFA. When I first started going to Irish League … Continue reading

Sometimes Northern Irish Politics Really is Daft

On the 3rd of February, the BBC carried a story that Alan & Overy would be creating an office in Belfast & which is to create 300 jobs or so in the city. 180 of these jobs are roles which are being relocated to Belfast from London, in a move which is receiving approx £2 … Continue reading

‘The Celtic Cup’

Last week saw the start of the ‘Celtic’ cup, a tournament between Wales, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland – this year, the whole tournament will be held in Dublin and it’s anticipated that it will rotate around each of the competing nations over the next few years. Before I go on to … Continue reading

The truth of ABC Grandstand Cricket Commentary

Whilst I was in Australia over the winter I listened to the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) Grandstand Cricket Commentary during the Melbourne & Sydney Tests. Clearly it takes a special sort of man to be a Radio Cricket Commentator… the UK has the delightful combination of Jonathan Agnew, Henry Blowfeld and Simon Hughes (to mention … Continue reading

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