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O2 – I’m leaving you!

I have around 10 month to run on my O2 mobile phone contract, yet with absolute certainty, I can tell you now, that unless they offer to move the ocean and moon for me come renewal time, I’ll be off to pastures new. I’m leaving, not because I am having issues with my network (though I am & I’m not alone), but because of the way O2 have responded to my complaints.

I moved back to the UK in September last year. Throughout my time in India I kept my UK contract phone, practically in hibernation. When I returned in the Autumn however, I noted issues accessing the internet on my phone. To be fair, I don’t have a ‘SMART’ phone and I’m not a heavy user of internet on the move, yet the issue was troubling. In January I called to complain and a new SIM card was sent to me, yet the problems persisted.

In February, when home in NI for a game, I was discovering that people were trying to call me, yet despite having full bars of O2 network, the calls were not coming through. Text messages I was trying to send were not going out either, so when I returned to London I went to a store to complain. This time they took my phone for repair.

The phone came back and I quickly discovered that the issues were still there… again in Belfast I had severe network issues. I decided to call the customer care line to raise the point again… only to be told by someone on the line that it wasn’t O2’s fault, but Sony Ericsson’s fault!! It’s fair to say, I found the process irritating and frustrating.

So again I headed to the store & sent the phone off for repair – though this time they actually replaced the handset completely. Only to discover that the issue still exists in London, albeit on a smaller scale than previously. I then headed to Belfast a few weeks ago (via the Rep. of Ireland) and again, despite their website telling me that I’d have excellent network indoors and outdoors, the reception was rubbish.

Yesterday I emailed to complain to O2 again about the whole sorry episode… to get a reply from O2 saying that they were sorry that my phone struggled to work whilst I was ‘abroad’ and that they would credit me with £15 to cover the calls I made whilst I was ‘abroad’.

I replied, thanking O2 for the kind credit, but politely informed them that my phone had the cheek to work abroad, almost perfectly and that it was only whilst I was in the UK that the issues arose (where I’d already paid for the service in a monthly pattern).

For months now, I’ve been paying for a service that simply has not been provided to me… I have been with O2 since they were created back in the early ‘noughties’. Come contract expiry, I will be going to one of their direct competitors, buying a ‘SMART’ phone and encouraging all my family & friends to do the same.

Down with O2.


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