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3 day heat wave sparks moaning…

Yesterday (Monday) was the hottest day of the year so far in the U.K. with the temperature touching just over 32 C (90 F), prompting failures in trainlines, news programme features about how to avoid dying in the heat and of course, that great British Tradition of moaning about the weather. Sure, it was warm, but for the previous few weeks, all everyone had been moaning about was the lack of summer and the rainy conditions which June had carried pretty much from start to finish.

Yet with a few days of sunshine, the complaints started… it’s too hot, too stuffy, I’ve no energy, I can’t sleep… people were updating their facebook status updates with temperature checks – 19 C at 04:50 described as “mad”; 26 C at 22:11 heralding the threshold of tolerance “that’s enough now”.

The U.K. does not get extreme weather as a general rule… sure occasionally we get something bizarre come along – like the cold snap last winter, but that was a once in a life time event. 32 C is not extreme weather though. As of November 2010, the Met Office states that the record U.K. heat was 38.5 C (note NI’s top is nearly a full 8 C below that!).

Of course, that’s nothing. When I travelled to Delhi, at the right time of year, temperatures in the forties was common. Temperatures across the globe push the fifties regularly too. And none of the moaning escapes the fact that many, many Britons leave the U.K. each year to find heat in the thirties!!

Personally, I enjoyed the heat in London… sure it was warm, but it was a glorious heat, warming the skin on contact and raising my mood considerably with the blue skies in tow. Long may it continue I say, until the farmers start moaning next…


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