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T20 and back to School Sports Day

A few weeks ago a friend who I used to work with in Delhi arrived in London to work on a project and we’ve been trying to fit in a ‘Friends Life’ T20 match in London pretty much since. We eventually managed to squeeze one in at the KIA Oval in South London for Surrey v Somerset.

We ordered our tickets in advance for £20, met up at the Oval Tube station and were in DSC00015our seats just in time for the first delivery. The oval is a mish-mash of modern, old and ‘what were they thinking’ type stands, but it has a decent capacity for cricket. What was a little bizarre was that the areas which had been sold, pretty much sold out from what we could see in the ground, but three decent sized areas of the ground had not been opened at all. One of them, I believe, was done for the purposes of the sponsor of the ground ‘KIA’ as their logo was emblazoned across some of the empty seats. The other two areas that were immediately obvious to us had no obvious reason for being empty.

As for the game itself, Somerset batted first and put on a good total of 169 with Marcus Trescothick (former England International) looking very sharp. In truth, Surrey never even got close, losing wickets very frequently to come in 38 runs short.

The day after, my team in work had given over to a volunteering session. We would be running the Annual Sports Day of an inner-city primary school in South London. 13 of us rocked up dressed in our rather bright Orange t-shirts and baseball caps and got the show on the road. For the day I was responsible for running the ‘Standing Stork Test’ – or the ‘lets see who can stand on one leg for the longest’ competition to you and me.

Over the course of the 11 classes who were competing I had 5 children cry, several tantrums, one or two huffs and more accusations of cheating that I could possibly count. Some of the teachers were great, helping out, taking an interest in the kids, but some were frankly just filling out their day chatting with others & paying no attention. That felt a bit wrong to me as they’re the ones charged with caring for the kids. That said, the day was enjoyable and the BBQ at the end topped off a nice day in terms of entertainment and weather.

It felt nice to be able to help out a local school, but I have to say that it was shattering to have to concentrate like that for the day. When I left University, I had the option of going to Warrick to do a PGCE in ICT… and to be brutally honest, a day like Friday, made me glad I hadn’t taken up the option. I’m sure its a rewarding job being a teacher, but for me, it looks like it’s just a bit too stressful.


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