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July – What a Month!!

Well, it’s been quite a month… it started off with my little niece showing up to fill my sister-in-law’s and brother’s lives full of love and sleepless nights, before I proposed to my girlfriend Dina – and a positive response. So I guess regardless of what way this week turned out, it was always going to have a feel of being a bit ‘after the Lord Mayor’s show’.

Since arriving back in London on Wednesday, life hasn’t really changed an awful lot for me. I’ve been going to the gym, going to work, coming home, watching the x-files over a hastily arranged dinner before doing some small domestic chore, reading a book and heading to bed. That’s pretty much the cycle. On Friday evening after work I did meet up with Greg – a guy who I went to University with – and on Saturday I met up with Brian – a guy who I grew up with in the sleepy Clogher Valley so I guess those were other highlights of my week. I had not seen either guy in many, many months so it was good to catch up with familiar faces & accents.

Of course, as well as all of that, Darren Clarke became the third man from Northern Ireland to win a Major Tournament in Golf, with Darren capturing the Open championship at Royal St. George in Kent. It was lovely to watch all the interviews surrounding this. Darren Clarke is the sort of guy everyone loves. He has had his share of down times, especially when his wife was diagnosed with and died from Breast Cancer a few years ago, but this weekend will definitely be one of the highs and in dedicating the win to his two boys, I’m sure the family are all feeling joy at the moment.

As for me, well, seeing as how I’m now engaged and my fiancée is living and working in Belfast, it is time for me to get my house in order and start finding a job in Belfast too. So I pulled my boss and his boss in to a room today to explain that I would be looking for a new job. Initially I’ll be looking internally to the bank, however, as Northern Ireland is not really a prominent site for them, finding a job there will be difficult – despite this being a UK financial force and a company of over 100,000 people.

If I can’t find a job internally, I will have to look externally and start to do it quickly if truth be told. My tenancy in London runs out in October, so finding something by then is really my goal. So the real fun starts now… I’m open to offers.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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