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Dan & Alexa’s Wedding

Last weekend Dina & I travelled to Devon for the wedding of our friends Dan & Alexa. I first met Dan when we shared the same flat in Chelmsford, quite a few years ago now and I met Alexa through Dan.

Dan and Alexa's Wedding Sep '11 002On the Friday night, I left London on the train & Dina left Belfast on the plane and we met up at Bristol International Airport. We caught a taxi out to Meadow Cottage B&B just down the road from the plane station. The B&B was beautiful. Traditional stonework outside and we were given a room which had old school rafters and that typical sloped floors. Yet it was beautifully kitted out and very comfortable.

On the Saturday we hired a car & drove down to Barnstaple in North Devon where we checked in to the local Premier Inn and headed for lunch. I also dropped by a florist as I managed to forget my buttonhole and leave it in the flat back in Southwark. D’oh.

At 1315 we caught the coach to the wedding venue – Beaconside House. The property is owned by Dan’s Uncle & Aunt, so with a Marquee up for the Wedding and a Marquee up for the Wedding Breakfast it was venue sorted!!

Dan and Alexa's Wedding Sep '11 048The wedding itself turned out to be a bit of a mix… Dan is Jewish and Alexa is from an English Roman Catholic background so I guess it was always going to be!! As it turned out the wedding was run by a Humanist and it was a pretty simple affair with a bit of Jewish tradition thrown in. Mazel Tov!!

After the photographs (what is it about wedding photographers – the world over they’re control freaks!!) it was time for the dinner. Dina & I were at a table with some folks we knew & some folks we didn’t. The food was great & so we sat down to the speeches running a small book on the time it would take for the speeches to run. Dina & I were both well out… but by way of consolation I did get a mention in the ‘Best Men’ speech as the “short, slightly balding Northern Irish man” who Dan used to live with!!

Dan and Alexa's Wedding Sep '11 102As the entertainment got cranked up, our coach arrived for our journey back to our Barnstaple hotel and it was time for us to head our separate ways on the Sunday as Dina headed back to province & I headed back to the capital.

With our own wedding coming up next year it was quite interesting to watch & learn from Dan & Alexa’s efforts. It was a lovely day with good weather, good food and great people. All the best to them both in their married life.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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