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Movember 2011

Each November the Movember charity kick off a month of fundraising to raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer charities around the world. Participants who raise money promise to grow a moustache as the visible symbol of their efforts. So in the spirit of things, I’m going to ‘grow a mo’ and raise cash for … Continue reading

You may not get this…

I’ve recently moved home to a flat in Streatham and have, consistently, suffered weekend internet blackouts. To add to a recent and growing list of rants about customer service (UPS, the BBC and Belfast) I have to say that BT did their best this morning to aggravate me. During yet another connection black out, I … Continue reading

Grand Designs – Some times they just don’t get it right

This evening on More4 Grand Designs Revisited (i.e. repeats with a sneaky wee bit tucked on at the end from a later time window) had a ‘conversion’ project from South East England, where the owners were planning to convert a disused Water Tower and add on a new build wing. The owners were an Engineer … Continue reading

Streatham or St. Reatham?

So having been back in the UK for just over a year my tenancy on the flat off the Old Kent Road was up for renewal… with a 10% increase on rent being added on. So with Dina successfully implanted in to Belfast and a wedding to save for I decided to move out and … Continue reading

A bit Irish?

In my humble opinion, the quality of journalism in Northern Ireland is rubbish. Seriously Rubbish. Today the BBC just reinforced the stereotype for me by publishing, on their website the following headline: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15317113 “Anglo Irish Bank changes name to Anglo Irish Bank”… seriously?! No, in matter of fact, the very first sentence demonstrates that is … Continue reading

Pescara, Italy

So despite watching NI get bit of a tanking at the hands of the Azzuro I got to spend a bit of October 2011 in sunshine at 30 degrees!! Pleasant I think we’d all agree!! One of the great things about watching International Football is that every now & then it gives you the chance … Continue reading

I didn’t want to go to the Ukraine / Poland anyways…

So it’s all over for another European Championship. Northern Ireland won’t be going to the finals tournament, which will be held in the Ukraine & Poland next summer and we maintain our 100% failure record in qualification. This past week has seen ‘Norn Iron’ play out it’s final two matches in the campaign with a … Continue reading

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