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You may not get this…

I’ve recently moved home to a flat in Streatham and have, consistently, suffered weekend internet blackouts. To add to a recent and growing list of rants about customer service (UPS, the BBC and Belfast) I have to say that BT did their best this morning to aggravate me.

During yet another connection black out, I cracked & made my first mistake. I called them. Three times. And yet I was no further forward than what I had been at the start.

On the first call, wanting to raise a phone fault… and BT not recognising the house number which the landlord had provided, I ended up in one of those automated dead ends where the little lady, in perfect English said “I’m sorry, goodbye.”

Now, I’ve been through a few of these before, but no worries… I’ll try again, keep hitting the “#” key until someone picks up. It’s surprising how often this works and BT was no exception. So I ended up through to the Billing department. To be fair, the geezer on the end of the phone (yes, outsourced to India) he wasn’t the man to solve my problem, so I was expecting a transfer. What I wasn’t expecting was him to tell me to redial. Redial the number I had actually called.

Me: “but that’s the number I’ve called!”

Customer Service Provider: “No sir, this is not possible.”

Me: “err… I’m telling you it is possible, because it is the number I’ve called.”

CSA: “No sir, you did not.”

Me: “No really, it is.”

CSA: – click – 

The cheeky sod hung up on me!! At this stage, I was fuming… so I dropped the landlord an email – yes really… though who knows when it was going to get delivered – venting about BT and my internet connection. I decided I wasn’t done… another call.

So third time I called BT & got through to ‘Steve’… a few niceties later and ‘Steve’ asks me for the home phone number a third time. A few moments later he asks me for the Account Number for a fourth time. I crack and hang up. Really?! Are you listening to a word I say mate?!

So another venting email to the landlord I give up & headed for the street. A bit later the landlord called… apparently she’d called BT and they were now saying that they needed someone in the flat to check the phone line… sorry, not me. She then went on to say I should spend £35 on some weird electric thing which will boost the signal. I don’t think so.

As you do these days… you vent on Twitter… and you know what, it’s fast becoming the best way to get things done. Someone at BT had responded within an hour providing me a link to provide more information. Lets see what that leads to.


About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


4 thoughts on “You may not get this…

  1. I cant believe you do so much wittering about call centres since you were working in one for god knows how long. It seems that you may be suffering from that well known disease in India – lackofservicitis – and that maybe you still have a minor infection from your time in Mumbai. How could you expect BT to provide a service when they are looking for the cheapest vendors in India and such are the margins in their business for clients many of them struggle to make a profit. But, that’s how they offer us such a great deal – cheaper, but non-existent services. BT – bloody terrible – and it seems your landlord has a touch of Bandraitis – give me the money and I will drop in frequently, which usually means at the end of the lease. Oh, how you must miss Mumbai, my friend.

    Posted by Barry Clarke | October 23, 2011, 22:41
    • Actually, I never worked in a call centre… we were a data processing centre with no telephony!! As for lack of service… sometimes it’s just laughable how little the customer matters!! D & I actually had a great service yesterday in a popular UK Bank… pity it wasn’t all the time.

      Posted by Mcfaggen | October 23, 2011, 22:54
  2. Are you sure it was you who had this conversation as it sounds remarkably like one I had a few months ago?

    What I can never understand is who in the UK approves the false name policy as it does nothing but wind up already wound up people who can tell a Steve from a Suresh when they hear one.

    My solution? Call yourself “Ash” and it covers all bases!

    Posted by Kelvinos | October 24, 2011, 06:15
  3. I’ve just had a all from Ciaran (from Enniskillen, though I reckon his real name is Keiran from Irvinestown) and he’s been helpful. Yikes. Complaining on Twitter works!!

    Posted by Mcfaggen | October 24, 2011, 21:20

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