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2014 World Cup Qualifying Fixtures

So Northern Ireland’s Qualifying Fixtures for the 2014 World Cup have been released this morning:   Friday 7 September 2012 – Russia (away) Tuesday 11 September 2012 – Luxembourg (home) Tuesday 16 October 2012 – Portugal (away) Wednesday 14 November 2012 – Azerbaijan (home) Friday 22 March 2013 – Russia (home) Tuesday 26 March 2013 … Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll

A few weeks ago one of the ladies in work announced that she was singing at the Royal Albert Hall with a Choir, so I agreed to go as I’d never been to the RAH – and looks amazing on the TV. So tonight was the night… the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, a few Choirs thrown … Continue reading


For the past number of months, Dina & I have been backwarding & forwarding between London & Belfast… but November is different. This month we decided we’d spend our time together in other places. The first city we chose was Edinburgh… somewhere that Dina has never been. This all came about because of a few … Continue reading

England v Sweden

A couple of weeks ago a friend offered me a ticket for both recent England matches at Wembley Stadium, London. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take up the ticket for Spain but I was about town for the match against Sweden… and it was free!! So after a workshop I’d really rather forget about, I … Continue reading

Movember Progress

I’ve been taking part in Movember for the first time this year, as I posted on 31st October. If you take a look at that post, you’ll notice that I was approaching Movember with a full bearded face. It’s been 11 days now and it’s been a bit odd having to deal with stubble and … Continue reading

A Year on WordPress

November 7th sees me complete a full year on WordPress and a total of 4,005 unique visits in 12 months… sure, not a lot, but to me having commenced with 92 unique visits a year ago and having 144 this month already it goes to show that someone, somewhere is getting benefit from my musings… … Continue reading

Remember, Remember…

Remember, remember the fifth of NovemberGunpowder, treason and plot.I see no reason, why gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes, Guy, t’was his intentTo blow up king and parliament.Three score barrels were laid belowTo prove old England’s overthrow. By God’s mercy he was catch’dWith a darkened lantern and burning match.So, holler boys, holler boys, Let … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End?

Tonight in Athens a vote of confidence on the Prime Minister Papandreou’s will take place and our future might depend upon it. If PM Papandreou loses the vote, Greece’s constitution demands that a General Election will be held and that could hasten Greece – the country – to being bankrupt. What that means is that … Continue reading

NI and Wedding Preparations

This weekend passed I travelled over to Northern Ireland for a few days to catch up with Dina and to continue our Wedding Preparations. It was probably one of the smoothest return journeys I’ve completed this year to the Province with Buses, Trains and Planes all running to schedule (well nearly – the Translink service … Continue reading

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